Stress Test the Working of your system with StressMyPC

So it has been a long time since you purchased this system. It must have slowed upon its performance, in case you wish to stress check how your CPU fare on a series of several tests, then you might consider this tool. Either you wish to find the performance of your machine or just want to see how long your battery lasts when under stress, this tool will help you.

Stress tests are great way to test out the performance of your system under pressure, so for this purpose I came across a tool called StressMyPC. As the name indicates, StressMyPC helps you discovering the performance of your computer under various stressed environments. The tests conducted consist of series of tests for all the hardware of the machines like the Memory test that tests the RAM, Graphics test that tests the display performance etc.

The tool also has many tests for other parts like the hard drive or the CPU. Testing the system for its performance is a great idea as it let you know how your system is performing. The tool is very simple and free to use.

The tool StressMyPC can be installed on all Windows OS both 32 and 64 bits. However it has a limitation that if the system is not stable or overclocked then it may crash under the stress.

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