Stress Test your Video Graphics Card

If you are facing any sort of graphic related problems with your system then the first thing that you should try is verifying that your video graphics card is running fine or not. Although there may be other problem but this is the first thing to check in case of unexpected system shut down or the blue screen while running a graphical application, say the games.

In the windows, there is a default utility to check called as DirectX Diagnostic Tool which can provide you all info of the display settings and the drivers. You can use this utility by typing in the command dxdiag in the Run box.

There is another good tool to stress test the graphic card called as Video Memory stress Test. The tool allows you to completely test your video RAM (accessible to DirectX). The tool is compatible to all kinds of video memory cards like the NVidia, ATI or others.

The tool also provides you with the ISO image that can be burnt into a disk for booting and testing with the CD drive.

Download Video Memory stress Test

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