Super AppLock lets you Password Protect any App on your Android

Privacy is one thing that we all should consider these days. We should avoid posting our own photos online and if we need to do that, then we should not make them visible to the world. Our phone also has lots of data today and thus we should protect that from the spying eyes.

Although there are lot many apps that you can use for this purpose, I bumped into one app which I liked a lot when compared to others. This app is called Super AppLock and is available for free to the Android users in the Play store.


Using the app is very simple, as you just need to install it and select the apps that you wish to protect using a password or a pattern. That’s it, yes that is all you need to do. So whenever you try to run the app next time, it will ask for the set password. So whether it’s your gallery having your personal images or your files app, or may be contact list etc, just use this app and protect it with a password.


What’s more? Well this app has also some advanced features and comes with a Photo and Video Vault especially meant to safeguard your photos and videos. The app also have some beautiful themes that will never let you get bored.

The app also have some advanced safety features like hiding the pattern while drawing, placing a random keypad to make guessing difficult, hiding the app and others.

In short, if you are looking for something to protect your apps, this free app is the one stop solution.

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