Super Hide the Files and Folders

We often face several occasions when we want to keep our few important files private and in secret especially on the system that is shared by many users. The files may be important documents, files storing private data like passwords or some content that we do not want to share. This can be done in XP with ease and even without using any software.

In order to do this we would make the files possess system attributes and these files will not be shown even if you tick the “Show Hidden Files and Folders” option.
1.    Go to Folder options then under the view tab untick the option of “Hide protected Operating System Files”.
2.    Open any drive and copy the “System Volume Information” folder to the location where you want to store the files.
3.    Empty this folder and copy your important files in it.

The files will become super hidden and will not be displayed even with show hidden folder option.

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  1. Even easier method: open cmd.exe, browse to the folder outside the one you want to hide.
    Type attrib +h +s /d
    (/d for process folder)

    Eg:- You want to hide E:\games\asdf.
    Open cmd.exe
    Type: e:
    cd games
    attrib +h +s asdf /d

    To unhide,
    Type: attrib -h -s asdf /d

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