Surf Internet in 3D with Mozilla Firefox 11

Earlier, we told you about the new version of Mozilla Firefox (Firefox 11). Firefox brought a new innovation in browsing which is known as 3D Browsing Technique. Though it sounds very weird but yes it is correct. Those who have already read the previous article on this new version, they must be aware of this technique.

By 3D browsing it does not mean that the content present on the website will start popping out from your monitor. What you get is a simulation based on HTML wrappers and containers, separating them all and displaying them stack-wise, which you can rotate around via mouse click and drag. 

To enable this technique, what you have to do is- Just Go to that website you want to use in 3D,  Go to Firefox button present on the top left corner of the window, select Web Developer and then click on Inspect. Those who like using key board shortcuts can use Ctrl+Shift+I key combination.

On the Inspect toolbar click 3D tab on the lower right corner of the browser accompanied by HTML and Style respectively. Now just left-click and drag to rotate the page and get the 3D effect. It will be sufficiently neat and looks pretty cool.

This technique is pretty good and easy to use. However, this is possible on well structured websites only since the stacks are all based on HTML wrappers. You can use it only on Firefox 11. Thus, to use this technique, follow the link given below. This browser is available for Windows, Mac and Linux as well.

Download Firefox 11

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