Survey: How much Security Savvy are you?

We would like to know how many visitors of TS are Security Savvy. Being a geeky site that share all the views of the people and provides solutions to most of the computer problems, it would interest me to figure out how the visitors of TS are.

In today’s survey we just want to know how much Security Savvy people you are.

•    We also wish to know how you protect your system from the threats.
•    What all tools and software you use to keep your computer protected from the virus.

Just reply with your thoughts as a comment below and let me know how much Security Savvy you are.

One Reply to “Survey: How much Security Savvy are you?”

  1. I use Avast home with spybot search and destroy. Update it 1ce in 1-2 weeks run a quick scan aftr update.
    If incase i suspect a virus not getting detected then i do online virus scan.

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