Switch any Chrome Tab between Normal and Incognito Mode with a Click

I have tried many browsers for my online browsing but the day I started using Chrome, I never went back to another browsers. This is because of the features that Chrome provides along with the ease of use. One such feature is the Incognito mode. The advantage of using Incognito mode is that you can securely browse your confidential data without worrying about clearing the stuffs later on.

While you can start the incognito mode anytime by going into the browser options, but what if you want to switch any tab that you have already opened to the incognito mode? And what if you want to switch more tabs to the incognito mode? I don’t think you would like to go through the process of copying and pasting the URL in the incognito mode manually.


Well here is an extension for that called as Incognito Tab Switch and what this extension does is, it adds the incognito button right on your Chrome browser toolbar so that whenever you wish to switch any tab to incognito window, you can just click this button. The button will allow you to switch back and forth from normal mode to incognito mode and vice versa in just a click.


So even if you have more tabs to view in the incognito mode, just press the button on each tab and the tabs will open in the other mode without any change in the tab contents and tab view. Moreover the tab will list itself in the already opened window with other tabs and will not open a new window each time you switch it to another mode. You will also notice that the incognito mode icon “man with a hat” turns black when in incognito mode and white when in normal mode.

Well there is one more use of the extension, you can use it to view the same web page content in another mode if the page is facing compatibility issues with the already installed extensions in one mode and hence is not loading. Since both the modes have different set of extensions, you can switch the tab in another tab to load it properly.

If you liked it, you can get it from the link below.

Download Incognito Tab Switch

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