Switch Wallpaper Automatically with Jellybean Wallpaper Changer

There are many people who like to organize their system in the best possible way and also like to switch their wallpaper from one image to another. If you also like to change your desktop wallpaper from time to time then this tool will come very handy.

There are many wallpaper changer software available on the Internet but this one is bit different and better than the rest.

Jellybean is a small, fast wallpaper shuffler, with little to no impact on system resources. This software is best for those who do not want another software program running in the background all the time. What’s more you can also add your favorite pics to the database and choose a way to display them on the screen.

Advantages of Jellybean:

•    Supports graphics formats jpg, gif, bmp and is easy to use.
•    Any number of images can be added to the database.
•    You can also select some display style for the images from stretched, tiled, or centered.
•    A free and small size tool to enjoy lifelong.
•    Set time to shuffle the wallpaper.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is that it may not work on multi monitor systems. For the rest users, the software is worth a try.

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