Sync Browser Favorites or Bookmarks across Computers and Browsers

If I ask you what browser you use in your computer, the answer might be any one browser but I am sure you all must be having more than one browser installed. I have around 3 browsers installed and have different bookmarks on each of those. The problem here is that I need to sync these bookmarks together and transfer to some other computer.

This can be a big problem if you don’t know how to sync and transfer bookmarks across systems. As a solution to this problem here are 2 online services that can help you with:

1. Favekeeper

This free online service lets you save your bookmarks from different browsers to your online favekeeper free account (using the cloud service). Now after that you have synced your favorites, you can download the same to any browser in any system (literally anywhere).

Moreover if you make any changes to your bookmarks, those will get updated in your online account too automatically, so that you download the updated bookmarks. The service is free to use and needs a client to be installed in your system. You can read more about the process here.

2. Xmarks

Xmarks is another online free service that can help you in saving or syncing your browser favorites across browsers and systems. You just need to install the client for this too (you can download the browser add-on too, by clicking on the browser icons on the homepage) and it will seamlessly integrate with your web browser and keep your bookmarks safely backed up and in sync.

You can read more about the features about Xmarks service here.

So next time when you are upgrading your computer or just shifting to another browser, don’t lose any of your browser bookmarks. Just visit these free services and sync the bookmarks to any computer for free.

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