Restore your Computer to default Security Settings

Whether it is after the virus attack on your system or by some security setting changes that you mistakenly made, it might happen that your computer start giving you some access errors like 0×80070005 error messages.

If you find yourselves facing some error messages like “You don’t have permission to perform this operation” or some error messages when you try to install some programs, then you can have your system restored to default security settings to fix these issues. Continue reading “Restore your Computer to default Security Settings”

Solve Access Denied Problem when opening Text File

This problem was submitted to us by one of our readers who came across a Access Denied error message when opening any .txt file. Sounds strange as text file is one of the simplest files that open up with a notepad, but this is what it is and happens when some changes unknown to you happens in the system.

The reason for the problem is simple and occurs when your txt file associations have changed to some else. I would here suggest a little workaround for the problem. Try opening the Notepad first and then click the File -> Open button and browse for the txt file. If this workaround helps you then the solution listed below will surely help you. Continue reading “Solve Access Denied Problem when opening Text File”

Steps to Fix Access Denied to gpedit.msc Problem

My PC was working all fine until I figured out that Group Policy gpedit.msc was not opening on my system. I wanted to open the Group Policy editor for some work and I was shocked to find that not only the gpedit.msc, even the other commands with msc extensions, were not working like services.msc, devmgmt.msc, compmgmt.msc etc.

Then I tried opening the editor by double clicking the gpedit.msc inside the system32 folder and I got the same error “Access is Denied”. What was strange was that I was accessing the editor from my Administrator account only.

I tried following things:

•    The first suspect is, of course, Virus, thus I scanned my whole system with the updated Anti Virus but it didn’t find any. Continue reading “Steps to Fix Access Denied to gpedit.msc Problem”