Google Maps not Showing Route Lines in Chrome

Google Maps are my first choice to find out the route that I should take while travelling to some place or may be just to see what’s the current traffic situation is like. I use Google Maps on my desktop with Chrome at work, laptop at home and also my mobile phone which are all in sync with each other.

Everything was great until recently my Chrome browser at work stopped showing the route lines for some direction on Google Maps. It just displays the time taken for different routes but doesn’t display the route lines like it used to. Continue reading “Google Maps not Showing Route Lines in Chrome”

Reveal Password behind Asterisk in Firefox

It is very important to hide passwords as asterisk so as to prevent unauthorized people from viewing it and as it adds a level of security to our logins. Had the passwords been not hidden, we could not have login into many websites in front of our friends or other people. While it is very important to hide the passwords, it sometimes becomes problematic when we forget it.

There are occasions when you accidentally press two keys while typing a password and have to go back again and start all over. Or it might be you are typing with Caps Lock On or the Num Lock off. Yes these are very irritating things and can happen to anyone. Hence it sometimes becomes important to know what we are typing rather than erase all and start typing again. If you are using Chrome, then this is possible with the extension about which we have already written here. Continue reading “Reveal Password behind Asterisk in Firefox”

Open Multiple Links at Once in New Tabs in Firefox

While surfing the internet we come across many websites that are very interesting or some articles that we wish to keep with us or may be forward the URL to someone to have them read it. Well if the links are not much say a couple, it’s not a problem to anyone but say if you receive some 20 odd important links what will you do to open them? I guess we all would manually copy and paste the links in the URL right? This would be very difficult, well if you are a Firefox user here is solution to that.

Here is an add-on developed for Firefox called as “Multi-Link Paste and Go” and what this extension does is, it allows us to open multiple links in new tabs in the Firefox browser. The links just need to be separated by newline so that it can easily recognize them, and when you select all the links (just like normal Ctrl + A) and paste it in the Firefox browser having this add-on installed, it will automatically detect and open the links in the new tabs. Continue reading “Open Multiple Links at Once in New Tabs in Firefox”

Automatically Pause YouTube Videos when Switching to another tab

YouTube is one of my favorite websites as it comes handy at many different situations. It can be helpful if you wish to learn something, to see what’s happening around the world, to pass some time and do other things. I also use it to listen to new and old songs while working on other things side by side.

While listening to some music when working on some other stuff in the background is perfectly fine as you are interested in the sound but not the video, but what if you are watching some trailer or some tutorial? You will be required to pause the video before you switch to another tab as now you are interested in more of the video than the sound. Continue reading “Automatically Pause YouTube Videos when Switching to another tab”

Remove Facebook Suggested Posts and Pages from News Feed (Firefox)

It feels very irritating when we come across any sponsored suggested posts or pages from Facebook which we have not enabled but are forced to see. It is, most times, useless and can’t be turned off. It surely doesn’t feel good when we have to read the sponsored story in between our friends’ updates.

Well there is no default way to remove or block these however (just like we shared the workaround for Chrome browser) here is an easy way to overcome this problem. This time all the firefox users who are bugged by this problem can make use of some add-on and get it fixed. Continue reading “Remove Facebook Suggested Posts and Pages from News Feed (Firefox)”

Mute all Sounds from Firefox Instantly with Muter

While surfing the internet we come across many websites each having different type of content. We also like listening to audio and video on internet but it happen sometimes that there are some flash ads or other unwanted content on a page that produces sound which feels very irritating.

For example, I was viewing a webpage yesterday and it was this emoticons ad that produces different type of sounds which started coming out of my laptop speakers. This was very irritating to me and I had no option but to mute the speakers of the laptop but this resulted in the problem that I can’t no longer listen to songs and make audio calls while still on mute. Continue reading “Mute all Sounds from Firefox Instantly with Muter”

Customize/Add Number of Tiles on Firefox New Tab Page

In the recent version of Firefox 13, the most highlighting feature is the ‘New Tab Page’ that has been added.  Whenever you open a new tab, you will find nine thumbnails (also known as tiles) of those websites that you visit the most. However in my view, what this tab page lacks is the option for customization of the page. You cannot change the number of tiles and add more if you wish to.

Anyhow if you want to change the number of tiles on the tab page, then here is the procedure to do so. An add-on known as ‘New Tab Tools’, is appropriate for accomplishing this task. It will allow you to change the number of tiles (per row and column) on the New Tab page. Continue reading “Customize/Add Number of Tiles on Firefox New Tab Page”

Reset Firefox 13 to its Default State with “Reset” Button

Usually we install many add-ons that are available for browsers. Sometimes we need them and some time we don’t require them. The unutilized add-ons are just waste and it increases the burden of your browser. Actually the themes or add-ons that we install on our browser make the browser slower and sluggish.

What is the main reason that we use third party browsers over the default internet explorer? The main reason is the speed. Third party browsers actually give you better speed than the internet explorer. But there is no use of the browser if they start working slow just because of installing extensions. Continue reading “Reset Firefox 13 to its Default State with “Reset” Button”

Customize Firefox by Adding a Vertical Toolbar

Firefox is a well known third party browser that is fast and efficient. Usually whenever we open Firefox program, we find horizontal toolbars. Not only Firefox, generally all browsers are limited to horizontal toolbars only. But if you have come across the recent version of the Opera web browser, you will find that the toolbar is displayed on the left side of the web browser window vertically.

These toolbars that displayed on the left/right side of the window are usually called panels. You can easily hide or display icons with just a click. Isn’t it great? Now you can add a vertical toolbar in your Firefox browser as well by using an add-on, Vertical toolbar. Continue reading “Customize Firefox by Adding a Vertical Toolbar”

Convert Multiple WebPages into Single PDF document

There are many extensions/software available that can convert a single webpage into a PDF document. Yes, these extensions really help you a lot to convert a single webpage.  But what if you want to convert multiple WebPages into a single PDF document? The only thing that you can do is copy and pasting the stuff from the WebPages to Microsoft word or other PDF creating programs.

Would not this be useful if you have some straight forward option that can convert the WebPages directly into PDF document?  Print pages to PDF; an extension for Firefox could be of a great help.  This will add an option – print pages to PDF, to the right-click context menu in the browser. Continue reading “Convert Multiple WebPages into Single PDF document”

Search Similar Websites with “similar sites” add-on for Firefox

There are a lot of websites available on Google showing related contents. It happens sometimes that while surfing a website you sometimes think that may there be some related websites that will display the content of your choice. The option that we undertake to get the related websites is by using Google search engine.

But today, searching related websites using a search engine is an old idea. Using an extension for this purpose is really a good option. The add-on “Similar Sites” for Firefox is that extension that will help you to find related websites. This add-on will display Similar Sites in an overlay window on the screen. Continue reading “Search Similar Websites with “similar sites” add-on for Firefox”

Change Firefox Themes without Restarting the Browser

The browser these days supports changing background themes. Themes can change the interface of your browser completely hence giving you a all new feel. Themes can modify almost all the element of the browser including menu, options and buttons. It adds a background image to your browser that gives a trendy look to it.

As we all know that everything has pros and cons, the cons of the theme feature is that whenever you install a new theme you have to restart your browser and this might happen that the project on which you were working on, gets closed. Hence it is not that easy to switch between the installed themes. It annoys us a lot. Continue reading “Change Firefox Themes without Restarting the Browser”