Whistle to Find your misplaced Android Phone

If you are just like my roommate who keeps on forgetting phone here and there, and then spends time to find out where it is, then this is some useful article for you. Phones these days are so small (well, large ones are catching too fast) that we tend to misplace them every now and then, and then spend time on finding them. How about something that lets phone to tell on its own, where is it?

Sounds funny, isn’t it? But with the help of this useful app which is available only for Android, called as Whistle Phone Finder, you can actually just whistle to locate your misplaced phone. Yes, of course, you need to learn how to whistle at first place lol Continue reading “Whistle to Find your misplaced Android Phone”

Silence all Music Apps on your Phone at Specified Time for Pleasant Sleep

I don’t know how many of you are like this but I do like to listen to music every night before going to sleep. Sometime its either on my laptop and other times its on my phone. Listening to my favorite songs before going to sleep help me lighten up the mood and also helps in sound sleep but we need to take care of shutting the app or the laptop down before going to sleep.

If you are someone who also likes to listen to music on your phone then here is something that might come useful to you. This app is called as Super Simple Sleep Timer and as you can make out from the name of the app, it’s a simple music sleep timer app that helps in turning down the music app on your phone after the set time (just like there used to be a timer off button on our TV sets). Continue reading “Silence all Music Apps on your Phone at Specified Time for Pleasant Sleep”

Automatically Send Preset Texts to your Girlfriend with BroApp

So you are committed to your girlfriend and couldn’t spare some time hanging out with your guy buddies? Well this is something very common, and if you have always wanted to spend some time with your “Bros” sipping on a drink while being tension free of your relationship, here is something I have for you.

If you have an Android phone, then here is a small yet smart app called as BroApp that is designed especially for guys like you who would like to take some time out with their Bros while still be in touch with their girlfriends. BroApp is your clever relationship wingman. It automatically messages your girlfriend sweet things so you can spend more time with the Bros. Continue reading “Automatically Send Preset Texts to your Girlfriend with BroApp”

Cover app for Android lets you Access right Apps at the Right Time

Whenever your phone screen is locked then you can’t use the apps before unlocking it. So in case you need to access any app instantly, you will have to go through the big process of unlocking the phone, finding the app and then starting it. However with the firmware 4.2 on Android, you have the option of placing the most used apps right on the lock screen so that you can run the apps without having to unlock the screen first.

Well there are many lockscreen replacement apps available for Android but today we are reviewing one such app called as Cover which is better than the rest. What Cover does is, it places the right apps on the lockscreen at the right time by learning your location and time so that you don’t have to unlock the screen to use that app. This way, you will have more options of the apps on your lock screen. Continue reading “Cover app for Android lets you Access right Apps at the Right Time”

List all your Android Apps in a Click with List My Apps

It is a common situation that I am sure you must have come across, when you meet someone who is new to Android world. People, who are either new to Android or someone new to you, might ask you which all apps you have installed in your phone. What would you do in that situation? Wouldn’t it be better if there was something that can help us in letting know the apps installed in our phone rather than counting and making a list of all of them manually thereby consuming much time?

Well here is an Android app just for this purpose of creating a list of all the Android apps; you have in your phone within seconds and with just a touch of a button. The app is called as List My Apps and as the name suggests, it can lists all the apps installed in your phone by you over the time (and not the factory installed apps) so that you can know what all apps you are using. Continue reading “List all your Android Apps in a Click with List My Apps”

Remind yourself for Things to do when you visit specific Location

Has it happened to you ever that you found yourself asleep while travelling in a bus and missed your stop? Or you forget the things to buy and people to meet when you visit some specific area? Well this is quite common and we definitely need a reminder app for this purpose. If you have an Android device, then this post will help you in these situations.

With the help of this free app called as Location Reminder, you can set reminder messages and alarms whenever you visit some specific place so that you no longer forget what were the things that you need to do when in that area. Like you can go to meet someone who lives in that area, or visit your car mechanic which you postponed to your later visit in the area. Continue reading “Remind yourself for Things to do when you visit specific Location”

Handy Scanner: Scan Documents on Go with Free Android Document Scanner

It always helps to keep your important documents scanned or copied easily accessible with you like your license, Passport or a photograph so that they come handy when you don’t have the actual document in the time of the need. I usually keep them scanned on my email but for all you having Android phones, here is an app with which you can not only save your docs with you but also scan the documents on the go and create either scanned JPGs or PDFs.

This is a very useful app called as Handy Scanner which converts your phone and its camera into a powerful document scanner. Using the app you can easily scan even the multi page documents and create PDF out of that or just scanned images easily. While you would be using the camera as usual, it is the post processing filters and the technique that will make the scanned image look quite perfect and similar to the original doc. The post-processing filters give you the greatest quality with the lowest background noise. Continue reading “Handy Scanner: Scan Documents on Go with Free Android Document Scanner”

Privy Chat for Facebook lets you Read Facebook Chat Messages without Seen Notification

Facebook Chat is one of the easy chat media these days among other stuffs like WhatsApp and Viber and with the FB messenger application; it makes it easier for us to communicate with everyone in our friends list without the need of exchanging phone numbers. Facebook had launched this feature of providing the Seen Notification in the chat messages to let people know who all have read your messages or who had not.

While this feature is of use to many people (as it acts like a read receipt in the emails), some people may actually don’t like this feature. There are times when I don’t wish to let my friend know that I had seen the message as it removes the pressure of replying at the same time and I can use my own time to compose a good reply. Continue reading “Privy Chat for Facebook lets you Read Facebook Chat Messages without Seen Notification”

Launch Android Apps Quickly from Unlock Screen and have Unique Pattern Unlock

There are lot many screen unlock apps and utilities in the app store but the reason why we are writing about one today is the ability of launching the apps quickly and directly from your lock screen and each time making it look like you are using a new unlock pattern.

The app we are discussing today is called as Lockscreen Free and is a free app in the Android play store. What this app does is it enables you to select and place your favorite apps on the lock screen so that you can launch them directly and quickly right from there instead of first unlocking the screen and then going to the app to click it. Continue reading “Launch Android Apps Quickly from Unlock Screen and have Unique Pattern Unlock”

Android Apps that Play Youtube Videos in the Background

Youtube is one of the sites that I usually use to pass my time, like when I am cooking or when I am working on something, I usually play my favorite songs on my phone but the problem here is that on the Android phone, the official Youtube app doesn’t support multi tasking which means I can’t run any other app while using Youtube like WhatsApp, facebook or other and even I can’t lock the phone to save some battery.

This means, as long as Youtube is running, the phone stays active and can’t do any other thing. This is kind of a limitation to me, so I have found a solution to this problem which might come handy to you too. Continue reading “Android Apps that Play Youtube Videos in the Background”

Get Android Notifications on your Computer Screen

For all those people who find it very hard to stay away from their phone even for a minute, this post will be really helpful. How many times does it happen to you that you forget your phone at home? Well that’s very common with everyone and we tend to miss our phone somewhere and feel that if we are missing on some important calls and notifications.

Here is a solution to this, with the Android app called as Desktop Notifications you can now display the notifications right on your computer screen. That’s right; you won’t need to check your phone again and again as you will get the android notifications right on your computer desktop screen. Be it the missed call notification, text, email or anything, if your phone has got it then your computer has got it too. Continue reading “Get Android Notifications on your Computer Screen”

Scan Privacy Risks in your Android Phone with Clueful

Whenever we install any software or any app we come across some notice or permissions but most of us never care to go through it, don’t we? Although most of the apps are genuine but it would still be advisable to read those as by reading you know what the permissions the app require are and what all changes it will be going to make in your device. But if you Accepted the permission changes then you won’t even know if the app is breaching your privacy and accessing your data or not.

There are some apps that need to access your data like accessing your present location, send text message on your behalf and others. Thus it is extremely important to know what the privacy risks are that your device is exposed to. Continue reading “Scan Privacy Risks in your Android Phone with Clueful”