Scan a Suspicious File with 31 Online Scanners Automatically

With the increasing threat of online attackers and the computer virus infection, we need to stay updated and safe to protect our data. Although we all like to have a good Anti-Virus installed in our system but it is also not enough sometimes and require constant update of virus definitions else the tool might prove useless.

It is not always possible to scan the system and a suspicious file with the system scanner. What about some tool that can handle all this process for you? Wouldn’t it be great if some tool submits the suspicious file to the Anti-Virus companies for the scan automatically? Here is one such tool called X-Ray developed by Raymond that will help you a lot. Continue reading “Scan a Suspicious File with 31 Online Scanners Automatically”

AV Marketplace launched by Facebook Security

Facebook, one of the best social networking sites has taken a new step towards security. In collaboration with few renowned anti-virus companies, Facebook has launched a new service page called “The AV Marketplace” where Facebook users can get free license of these paid Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware software, valid for about 6 months.

This service is supported by best security companies like Microsoft, McAfee, Trend Micro, Sophos and Symantec. This step has been taken in order to protect the interests of the users as well as to provide the requisite information to protect you, whether online or offline. Continue reading “AV Marketplace launched by Facebook Security”

Microsoft releases Microsoft Security Essentials 4.0

MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials), no doubt is one of the best Antivirus and Anti-Spyware software for Windows. However, 5 months ago only the Beta version of MSE 4.0 was available but now the final release version of MSE 4.0 is available. You can Download and install “Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) 4.0” directly from Microsoft’s server.

This software provides your system real-time protection and guards your system against viruses, spyware, and other malicious software. It runs silently and works efficiently in the background. It doesn’t even disturb you while you are working. It keeps itself updated and gives you full protection. Continue reading “Microsoft releases Microsoft Security Essentials 4.0”

Scan Suspicious Files with NoVirusThanks

It may be that you are working on a system having no AntiVirus installed, if it is the case or is it that you just want to scan certain file with more than one AntiVirus, then you can use this online file scanner utility called NoVirusThanks.

NoVirusThanks works similar to the famous Virus Total online scanner. Both the services help in scanning a file with around or more than 20 different AntiViruses. To be able to use NoVirusThanks, you can either use the normal browser uploader on the website or use this NoVirusThanks Uploader. Continue reading “Scan Suspicious Files with NoVirusThanks”

Solution to lsass.exe System Error

This was the error message faced by one of our readers that immediately after the system boot up, there popped an error message reading “lsass.exe System Error” with an OK button clicking on which shuts down the system. The system restarts again with the same error message.

Cause of the problem:
There can be 2 reasons for the problem, either virus infection or the registry corruption. Continue reading “Solution to lsass.exe System Error”

Protect against I Love.exe You Virus

There are lot of virus infecting the computer and thereby reducing the privacy of the users. We already have an instance of I Love You.exe virus earlier but this year on 14th Feb that is on Valentine’s day, there came an another instance of the virus named I Love.exe You virus.

The malware asks the users to click on some links, which on clicking installs Trojans in the system. When you run it, nothing visible happens, but it has installed itself in your computer. What for? Well, this is a RAT (Remote Access Trojan) that will give access to your computer and all your personal Continue reading “Protect against I Love.exe You Virus”

First Computer Virus and First Antivirus?

Ever wondered in this age of computer viruses which was the first Windows computer virus? There are so many computer viruses today that combating them is not at all possible without the use of a good Antivirus.

Here is an interesting share (via thewindowsclub) that discusses the world’s first Windows virus and antivirus. To the surprise of most of you, the first computer virus was known as Brain Virus and was reported to be created in Pakistan in 1986. Brain was a boot sector virus and only infected 360k floppy disks. Continue reading “First Computer Virus and First Antivirus?”

Update Microsoft Security Essentials Definitions Offline without Internet

Microsoft Security Essentials is the latest Antivirus and Antispyware released by Microsoft which is free to use for lifetime. I have been using this Antivirus for quite some time now and am very pleased with its performance.

The definition update for this is released almost daily and to update to the latest signatures, it needs the internet connection. What if you don’t have an internet connection? No problem solution is mentioned below. Continue reading “Update Microsoft Security Essentials Definitions Offline without Internet”

Remove or Uninstall Fake AntiVirus

There is no doubt that everyone needs an AntiVirus to protect his/her system from the spread of the viruses which are very common in today’s times.

What kind of AntiVirus are Fake?

Fake AntiVirus are a type of malicious programs that appears to be an AntiVirus. It infects our systems when we click on a malicious site that downloads it and runs it on our system in the background. It scans the infected computer and produces fake alert warnings.

What’s worse is that it even convinces you to purchase a license for the product. These AntiVirus contaminates the computer Continue reading “Remove or Uninstall Fake AntiVirus”

Collection of Official Antivirus Uninstallers

Antivirus is a must for protecting the system against the threats and there are lots of companies that provide the trial versions of the AV. While continuing with the same product after the trial period depends on us, few people tend to uninstall the product.

Removing the Antivirus using the Windows’ Add/Remove program utility is the only option available to us but what if the utility is unable to uninstall the Antivirus? Antiviruses like Quick Heal and AVG have been found not to uninstall from the system with that utility. Continue reading “Collection of Official Antivirus Uninstallers”

Steps to Protect exe Files from Viruses

Anti Virus is a great protection tool to safeguard our computer and files against the virus but these are not 100% efficient in use and also they require periodic updating of the virus definitions.

Here is a free, simple yet powerful tool that can protect your files and folders especially the executable exe files against the viruses. The tool is called PE Guard and keeps running in the background in the system tray without consuming much of the Continue reading “Steps to Protect exe Files from Viruses”