EMBRACE+: Notification Bracelet for iPhone and Android

Having smartphone has its own advantages one of which is that you can be in touch with anyone using the apps from anywhere. Another great feature which I like is the notification LED on my phone that glows whenever I receive any alert like a SMS, email, facebook update, alarm or a low battery. But if your phone is on silent or say in a bag, then you will have to monitor it constantly to see if you received any alert or not.

What if I say, you wear a trendy and cool looking bracelet on your hand that displays whenever you receive any notification on your smartphone? Wouldn’t it be a great device to flaunt? Yes it is true, the device is called EMBRACE+ and is under development at present. Continue reading “EMBRACE+: Notification Bracelet for iPhone and Android”

Convert .m4a to .mp3 online

It was when I was required to convert the voice memos of my iPhone (in .m4a format) to .mp3 audio format so that it can played on the computer and other devices, that I found that converting this wasn’t easy.

I had recorded one audio using the voice recorder of the iPhone and now I was required to give the sound file to my friends, but after trying lot many things to convert it into mp3, I still wasn’t able. I had some sound converter but all of them were unable to convert. Continue reading “Convert .m4a to .mp3 online”

So Seriously, Why Isn’t Anyone Talking About Siri?

Originally developed by former defense contractors looking to make a profit from unused algorithms involving human speech patterns, Siri is Apple’s latest revolutionary app for the iPhone. While Siri has technically been available to iPhone users for months, it was only the other day at the announcement of the iPhone 4S being released that Siri has gotten a complete makeover. Once just another hit-or-miss way for mobile phone users to access information without touching their device, Siri is now a working attempt at what will be the next step in computer technology: artificial intelligence.

Smartphone users are no strangers to voice recognition apps, and as the aforementioned suggests, not many people are impressed by them. Without clear-sounding concise instructions these apps often fail to actually do what the user wants them to. The result is an iffy chance of success that leaves most users deciding to never bother with the program again. But according to Apple, Siri has all of that figured out. Continue reading “So Seriously, Why Isn’t Anyone Talking About Siri?”

[Solved] Steps to Merge Albums in iTunes

It has been a while now since I am facing this issue of multiple copies of the same music album in my iTunes library. This started when I upgraded my iTunes to the latest version as it was working fine in the older version. I wanted to keep this new version only but had no solution as of now.

So if you are also facing this issue in which you are seeing more than one album of the same music album in your iTunes library then here is how to solve this problem. Steps to solve this issue are very simple but you need to do this manually for all of those. It will take some time but yes you will see one album each for every movie/album in your iTunes or iPhone/iPod. Continue reading “[Solved] Steps to Merge Albums in iTunes”

Convert eBook into different formats with free eBook Converter

There are different types of ebooks available to us and most of them are not supported to the eBook reader that we use for reading. Different formats of eBooks that are available to us are in these formats .lit, pub, fb2 or pdb files and not all readers are able to support these.

Say you want to convert an eBook and put it in your Apple iPad or iPhone for reading later, then also this free converter will help. The converter is called Hamster Free eBook Converter and this is one of the simplest and free eBook converters that I came across recently. Continue reading “Convert eBook into different formats with free eBook Converter”

Tips to Extend iPhone Battery Life

There are many things that you can do with your iPhone like watch movies, listen to songs, check emails, work from it or just use the internet or the Wi-Fi but all these consume lots of battery and thus our phone needs to be charged again and again.

Well if you are one of the persons who are facing this problem, then here are some tips that can make your iPhone battery last longer. Continue reading “Tips to Extend iPhone Battery Life”

Free Microsoft OneNote app for iPhone

OneNote from Microsoft is really a great application that solves our many purposes and for all those who like using this tool a lot, there is more to celebrate. Microsoft had recently launched the iPhone app version of the application for all those who don’t like to be away from this tool.

Microsoft OneNote Mobile is an easy-to-use note-taking application for capturing all of your ideas and to-dos on the go, brought to you by Microsoft Office. There are many things that you can do with OneNote like create searchable notes with text, pictures, bullets, and checkboxes. Then keep your notes in sync using free Windows Live SkyDrive cloud storage to access, edit and manage them from virtually anywhere, from your PC or almost any web browser. Continue reading “Free Microsoft OneNote app for iPhone”

Extract Contacts, Notes, SMS, Call history, Photos from iPhone Backup

As you know my older iPhone is dead now, I had to go for another phone. The advantage of buying the original iPhone was that I had to pay a little amount to get the new iPhone as a replacement. Now my biggest problem at the moment was to restore all the contacts and data back in the new model.

The task is easy if you have the backup in the iTunes ready but if the iPhone backup is not available with you, the task would be very difficult. While searching for a solution, I came to know about this tool called iPhone Backup Extractor, and with the help of this tool you can easily read the backups and extract any file from that. Continue reading “Extract Contacts, Notes, SMS, Call history, Photos from iPhone Backup”

Transfer Music and Videos from Apple Devices to Computer

If you use any of the Apple devices like iPod, iPhone or the iPad then you must have known that it is not possible to sync back the contents like music and videos from the device to the computer. This becomes a problem if your hard drive crashes and you don’t have a backup.

With a program called GizmoRip, now it is also possible to restore the contents from the Apple devices to the computer. The tool is specifically designed to serve this purpose, detects all the contents in the devices by itself and display them in the program interface. Continue reading “Transfer Music and Videos from Apple Devices to Computer”

[Solved] Enable GPRS/Edge/Internet and APN Settings on iPhone

I have a jailbroken iPhone 3G with Vodafone connection but the problem that I had was with the Internet connection. Despite having an activated Edge or GPRS service my iPhone was facing the internet connectivity problems and was not able to run the internet.

I needed to set up my internet settings manually but those who use iPhone know that there isn’t a way to do that. So if you are also facing internet problem on the iPhone and wanted to manually configure the internet settings, you can do that easily in just 2 minutes even if you don’t have a wifi connection. Continue reading “[Solved] Enable GPRS/Edge/Internet and APN Settings on iPhone”

iTunes Mini Library called iTuner

iTunes is a great software required to transfer audio and video between the computer and the iPhone or iPod stuff. It also maintains a global library in which we can listen to the music or watch the movies.

Now wouldn’t it be great if we can access the same functions of iTunes with a tool that can be run in background. iTuner is a tool that can be used to play audio and video on the system and also maintain the library. Continue reading “iTunes Mini Library called iTuner”

Manage iPhone and iPod easily with iPhone Explorer

Managing the iPhone and iPod without the iTunes is a big problem. If we do not have iTunes with us then we can’t update our iPhone because of losing all the existing songs and videos managed in the iTunes library.

But now managing your iPhone and iPod is easy even without the need for installing iTunes. You can transfer files in any format to and from the iPhone easily with this tool called iPhone Explorer. With this function you can use your iPhone as “USB-Stick”. Continue reading “Manage iPhone and iPod easily with iPhone Explorer”