Update your Adobe Flash Player Manually in Windows

Flash player is software that allows you to view multimedia rich internet applications and streaming video and audio, on a computer web browser or on supported mobile devices. It is available as a plug-in for almost all browsers. It provides a cross-platform runtime environment for desktop applications and mobile applications.

You all know it very well that the Flash player is integrated with an auto-updater for automatic updates of the software. When you check out the scheduled tasks on your system, you will get to know that this auto updater is scheduled to run once in a day. But this auto-update feature only works if the application was configured during the installation. Continue reading “Update your Adobe Flash Player Manually in Windows”

How to Disable Automatic Software Updates on your System

We have lot of software installed on our systems. We use many of them on regular basis and some are kept idle. As there is regular increase in technology changes, almost all companies try to adapt those changes, thus releasing updates for the software we use. In several cases I have found that many users have configured the software for automatic updating. Actually it is somehow good to update your software on a regular basis as it helps you to install the latest changes and improvements that have been made in the software.

But sometimes this automatic update feature may also harm your system as seen with the latest flash update that caused crashes and system freeze for some Firefox installations. Moreover if you are running a network of computers, you would like to thoroughly review the update before installing it on all systems. Continue reading “How to Disable Automatic Software Updates on your System”

Disable Restart Computer Message after Windows Update

It is very irritating when after the download of Windows Update; the system periodically pops a dialog box asking to restart the system.

Though Windows Update is a useful thing to do and Automatic Updates provide more stability to the system but wouldn’t it be great if we have a choice to install the update when we want without getting bugged by the irritating dialog box?

The message “Do you want to restart your computer now?” can be overcome by following methods: Continue reading “Disable Restart Computer Message after Windows Update”

Solve svchost.exe Application Error in Internet Explorer

The problem is faced by one of our readers who was irritated by this problem that whenever he clicks on Internet Explorer, the following error message comes up.

It has been found that this error is caused by the Windows Update so to fix this error what you should do is either manually update the computer or trying re-register it. Continue reading “Solve svchost.exe Application Error in Internet Explorer”