Autorun feature Disabled by Microsoft in Windows XP, 2000 and Vista

Microsoft Windows’ one of the interesting feature was the Autorun feature that was responsible for the default action to be performed automatically whenever you insert a drive. Say you have inserted a USB pen drive and the default action for it was to open the contents, Autorun feature helped it to open the drive automatically.

However as you may know, this feature was also exploited the most by the virus makers. You must have known about the file created by virus called Autorun.inf. Thus seeing this vulnerability Microsoft had decided to shut down this feature. Continue reading “Autorun feature Disabled by Microsoft in Windows XP, 2000 and Vista”

Vaccinate your Computer and USB with Panda USB Vaccine

There is no doubt that the USB drives are the prime reason for the spread of the viruses and malware from one system to the other. Have you ever noticed that this spread is initiated by a file called Autorun.inf?

So that means if we can disable this autorun.inf file then our system would get protected from the spread of the virus most of the times. Malicious programs usually modify the autorun file on the USB devices, thus to safeguard against these risks we have a tool called Panda USB Vaccine.

Panda USB Vaccine allows users to disable the AutoRun feature on computers as well as on USB drives and other devices. This tool not only act as a vaccine to the computers by preventing the execution of the autorun files from any device, but also act as the vaccine to the USB devices by preventing the autorun file from becoming the source of infection.

Disabling the autorun file in Windows can’t get simpler than this.

TS thank Simon for suggesting this post.

Download Panda USB Vaccine

Disable Autorun.inf Creation in USB Pen Drives

Autorun.inf is the popular file created by the viruses in the USB Flash drives which is used by them to spread across different storage media.

It is the first file that gets created in the pen drives as soon as the drive is inserted in the system having viruses. Thus it is for sure that if you prevent the creation of this file in the USB drives then the virus will not spread on its own. Continue reading “Disable Autorun.inf Creation in USB Pen Drives”

Disable Auto Execution of Autorun.inf

If you have come across pen drive viruses then you must have seen this file called Autorun.inf. This is a file that stores the instructions to be carried when you double click your USB drive which in turn leads to the execution of the virus stored there.

However you can prevent the most of the computer virus to spread if you disable the autorun.inf file to execute automatically. Well if you are thinking if this can be done easily by turning off autoplay feature then the file can still be executed if the pen drive is opened. Continue reading “Disable Auto Execution of Autorun.inf”

Delete Virus from USB Pen Drive automatically with iKill

USB Drives are the primary cause of spread of viruses. There are so many viruses that use Pen Drive as a media to infect other computers.

It is also very difficult to safeguard our self from each of them as the chances of getting infected by a virus is always there; no matter you know how to deal with them. So to lower the chances further there is a tool called iKill.

iKill can prevent the spread of Viruses from Pen Drives and deletes the autorun.inf file as well as the viruses stored in the drive automatically. It scans the removable drives Continue reading “Delete Virus from USB Pen Drive automatically with iKill”

Remove Sysdate.exe Virus

Recently my computer was infected with this virus called Sysdate.exe that was inside the Recycler folder in the C: drive. I knew that it was a virus since my PC didn’t have the Recycler folder earlier. Thus the location of the virus was C:\RECYCLER\S-1-5-21-8324555943-4443154761-431384085-6428\sysdate.exe

No one want their computer infected with a virus! It is important to be vigilant, install good anti-virus programs and protect your computer. Whether you are an IT specialist or you only ever use your computer to email and play, it is vital to make sure your computer stays safe. That way, it will function well for years to come, without any problems like these pesky viruses.

Symptoms of this virus:

•    In the Recycler folder there was another folder but in the looks of the Recycle Bin whose name was something like S-1-5-21-8324555943-4443154761-431384085-6428 and on double clicking it, I came across all the files which were there in the Recycle Bin.

•    There was an entry in the Registry Editor named Taskman that came back again and again on deleting. Continue reading “Remove Sysdate.exe Virus”

Detect and Protect Against Autorun.inf Virus in USB Drive

Almost all of us have come across this Autorun.inf virus file that infects our system from the USB drive. Autorun.inf is a file that contains instructions or commands of how the virus should be executed to infect Windows.

Thus protection against Autorun.inf is as important as it is against any virus. But it is quite difficult to guess whether the drive attached has Autorun.inf inside it or not without opening it. So here is a tool that will detect the Autorun.inf virus prior to the usage of USB drive. Continue reading “Detect and Protect Against Autorun.inf Virus in USB Drive”

Steps to Remove DriveGuard.exe or FlashGuard.exe Virus

One of our readers wanted to know the method to remove DriveGuard.exe virus which is also known by the names FlashGuard.exe and DriveMonitor.exe. So here goes the solution that is bit different from the other virus removal methods.

What DriveGuard.exe does?

•    Adds itself to startup and the task manager.
•    Adds a registry key for making changes in the registry editor.
•    Adds Autorun.inf file in the pen drive
•    Adds some malicious temporary files in the system. Continue reading “Steps to Remove DriveGuard.exe or FlashGuard.exe Virus”

Fix Most of the Computer Problems with Smart Virus Remover

Most of the computer problems are caused by virus and the changes it does. Detecting and deleting them is bit complicated but with this tool called “Smart Virus Remover” you can easily fix your Windows problems that are caused by virus.

The tool is so powerful that it can easily revert back your infected computer to the default and original state that works absolutely fine. Smart Virus Remover is a small program that can remove viruses of 23 kinds and can restore the system to state it was before being attacked. Continue reading “Fix Most of the Computer Problems with Smart Virus Remover”

Steps to Remove C:\resycled\ is not a valid Win32 Application Error

Reported by one of our readers, this was the problem that whenever he double clicked on the drive, the following message showed up “C:\resycled\ is not a valid Win32 Application”. Needless to mention C:\resycled\ is a virus and more accurately a worm.

The worm creates an autorun.inf file on each drive of the computer when an infected drive is inserted in the PC. This is a worm of high risk priority and should be removed immediately. Continue reading “Steps to Remove C:\resycled\ is not a valid Win32 Application Error”

Steps to remove Vamsoft.exe Easily

There was a virus named Vamsoft.exe that infected my system yesterday and made me to rethink from where I got this. I have been removing the viruses for a good time now and this one was just another in the list.

Symptoms of vamsoft.exe virus:

Vamsoft.exe is classified as a Malware and it was it’s activities that made me to realize that my PC was infected again.

•    Double clicking on a drive opened in a new window.
•    Creates c:\windows\system32\ciuytr1.dll
•    Made the “Show hidden files and folder” option to reset again. Continue reading “Steps to remove Vamsoft.exe Easily”