How to Open .Dat Files

There are times when we come across a file which is in .dat extension and since it is not associated with any file type, we are clueless of its real file type.

Then what should we do to open and read it? Here are few steps that you should do to open the .dat file and see what it contains.


  • There is no way that can tell us what type of file it is and what should it conatin. It can contain any file like Image (.jpg or .gif) file or movie (.avi, .wmv) or may be .xls
  • If you try to open it using Notepad, there are chances that it may display something that you know along with some garbled text. Continue reading “How to Open .Dat Files”

Steps to Enable or Disable PDF Thumbnail Preview in Explorer

Likewise the movie formats avi, wmv etc the Adobe PDF files can also made to either show or disable the thumbnail preview in the explorer.

While the PDF thumbnail preview is enabled for most of the users by default, but if it is not the case with you then you can make it show.

To enable or disable the preview we need to make changes in the registry Continue reading “Steps to Enable or Disable PDF Thumbnail Preview in Explorer”

Convert Audio and Video Media Files in Any Format Online for Free

Well if you have any video, or a link of a media file or just need to convert a video from the Youtube to some other format like avi, wmv, divx or just any other popular format, then you should do try this online site that offers conversion between all popular media formats for free.

Media Converter is a great way to using which you can either upload your own video and get it converted or just enter a link of the media file you want to convert and download the final converted file for free. Continue reading “Convert Audio and Video Media Files in Any Format Online for Free”

Record Desktop Screen with Free CamStudio

What would you use, if you wished to record your cursor movements on the computer? Well there are nothing much, but if you have ever wondered how to record your computer screen as a movie, then this free software is surely for you.

CamStudio is freeware desktop screen recorder software that can record all the activities that you do on the computer as a movie into AVI format. You may also convert it into some other formats to save space. Continue reading “Record Desktop Screen with Free CamStudio”

Rip DVD Movies Easily using Your Free DVD Ripper

Got a new DVD but don’t know how to take out the movies stored in it? No problem, you just need to rip your DVD movies. Yes there are lots of software tools available for this purpose, but the problem with them is that some does not work copy protected DVD movies while others make use of a complex interface.

Try this free and full tool called ‘Your Free DVD Ripper’ that can rip the movies from the DVD movies easily and within few clicks.

Just put the disk in the drive and click on ‘Load DVD’. The list of the contents will be loaded. Select the title to rip and click “Convert”. You may also select Continue reading “Rip DVD Movies Easily using Your Free DVD Ripper”

View .flv, .3gp and Other Video Thumbnails in Explorer

We have many videos with us and in many formats. There are so many video formats available today that sometimes it becomes very confusing as well. The most popular video formats are .avi, .wmv, .mpg but there are many others like .flv, .mp4 and .vob

While you can play avi and other formats directly, you need certain codecs to run flv and other video formats. The major problem linked with these video files is that while we can see the preview of a movie in avi extension in explorer, we are unable to see the thumbnail preview of these extensions .flv, .3gp etc.


Method 1

But here is how you can make your videos in extensions like flv and 3gp to show thumbnail preview in the Windows Explorer just like the avi and wmv files. Continue reading “View .flv, .3gp and Other Video Thumbnails in Explorer”

Extract mp3 Audio from Video Files like avi, mpg, wmv, flv

It happens most of the times we just like to listen to the audio of a video file and add it into our music library. This is not a problem any more as this can be done using many tools available and of course without using them as well.

We can easily convert the video to audio by following methods:

1.    Using an application AoA Audio Extractor that can convert AVI, MPEG, MPG, FLV, DAT, WMV, MOV, MP4, and 3GP to MP3, WAV or AC3 format.

•    This tool 3.8 MB in size, is free, easy to use and is not a demo.
•    It gives you a preview of the movie (that prevents us to run each time to see which file is it) and we can also change the bit rate of the audio file. Continue reading “Extract mp3 Audio from Video Files like avi, mpg, wmv, flv”

Convert .ppt to .avi

Tired of same Presentations? And want to make your boring PowerPoint Presentations turn into interesting videos in various formats (with some effects if you wish) then this is just for you.

I was just bored up with my presentations and wanted to convert them in a video format, so I came across a tool named “Presentation to Video Converter” which will not just let you convert your *.ppt but also other related formats like *.pptx, *.ppsx, and *.pps. Well it’s not all; you can convert your PPT files to any of the following video formats AVI, WMV, MPEG, ASF, VOB, MP4, SWF, Continue reading “Convert .ppt to .avi”

Convert .dem to .avi

Gaming has become very popular today with new and new games releasing. So if you like playing Counter Strike very much (like I do) then this post is just for you. Wanted to have another look at the headshot u just had? You can easily convert your CS demos to videos for viewing and analyzing them later.

This has been tested by me and the videos are just great.

Step 1:
What you all need is just the software called “Video Mach” which you can download from here. The software is free and will continue to work absolutely fine even after the evaluation period.

Step 2:
Start CS and play the demo, now at the point when you wish Continue reading “Convert .dem to .avi”

Convert .vp6 to .avi

Vp6 is a popular format used by the EA Games with which they include various movies in the game, though we can only watch the movies while playing the games. It often happens (at least to me) that we wish to see those videos again and again but the only way to do that is to play that part of the game each time.

Yeah, I know how it feels as I also enjoy playing various games. Now it was when I wanted to have that little snippet from one of my favorite games NFS Most Wanted which pushed me to find out “how I can convert vp6 to avi”.

The best possible way available to convert it is by Continue reading “Convert .vp6 to .avi”