Play Local Music Files with Chrome as Music Player

Do you know, a web browser is capable of performing much more than just browsing on internet? Well yes, you must have seen a browser opening images, playing videos using the Java or HTML5 technology, opening PDF docs and sometimes playing music files too. To make this music playing experience richer, you should probably continue reading.

You can perform lots of tasks just with your browser, and for the majority of those using Chrome, you can also play your local music files stored in your computer with Chrome, no separate music player needed. With the help of a Chrome extension that you can install right in your browser, called as Achshar Player, you can improve the capability of the music player in Chrome. Continue reading “Play Local Music Files with Chrome as Music Player”

Check how well your Browser supports MathML Acid

Today we have got lot many browser options to choose from, while some people use Firefox others are using Chrome as their browser. It won’t be wrong to say, Chrome is today the most used browser as it is faster than the others and is capable of performing all the operations. But do you know that the team at Firefox is making important changes in the browser so that it can improve upon its functionality? Firefox is trying the bridge the gap between Chrome and itself. What makes me say that? Well read the post below to find out.

We have earlier written about a browser test called as HTML5 test, which lets you know how well a website with HTML content will load on your browser. Today we are back again with another browser test called as MathML Acid test. Chances are you have not heard about this term before. MathML Acid test is a test that lets you know how well the browser would be able to handle the mathematical expressions on the internet. Continue reading “Check how well your Browser supports MathML Acid”

Check how well your Browser Supports HTML5

HTML5 is the upcoming technology that would be present in the browsers we use today. It is a set of some specifications that would be incorporated in the browsers, although these specifications are not yet finalized but the companies today have started preparing the browsers HTML5 ready. So if you are not sure if your browser supports the HTML5 technology or not and if it does then how well, then this post will help you find out.

HTML5 means different things to different people. You could argue that HTML5 only includes features that are defined in the W3C HTML5 specification. Or you could argue that it includes every specification, draft or experimental feature that is added to browsers in the last couple of years. Continue reading “Check how well your Browser Supports HTML5”

Set Custom Color of all the already Visited Links in Firefox

I love reading and I can really say that reading is my passion. Hence I visit many websites regularly to keep myself updated but sometimes it happens that by mistake I click on a link that I have already read. You have observed that while searching for anything on any search engine like Google or Yahoo, the links that you have already visited gets changed into different color so that you don’t have to waste your time on reading these again.

This is a web browser feature that is supported by most of the browsers today but in case you wish to enable it specifically on your system, here is how to. Firefox has introduced an add-on that is known as Visited. This add-on will change the color of all the links that have been already visited. Continue reading “Set Custom Color of all the already Visited Links in Firefox”

Download Google Chrome with 17 Pre-Installed Games

Google Chrome could be termed as one of the great browsers these days. Its speed and support are the key features of its emergence as a powerful browser lately. It supports extensions that make a user friendly environment, also these extensions provides some features that results in the optimum utilization of the browser.

If we take a look on the previous versions of chrome, one can easily figure it out that it was Chrome 10 dev. version that came with 2 pre installed games that always appeared on the ‘New tab’ page. After this no other version has been created that comes bundled with games. Games can be added only after the consent of the user. You can add various games from chrome web store to play in your browser. Continue reading “Download Google Chrome with 17 Pre-Installed Games”

Lock your Firefox Menu Bar for more privacy

Each one of us like privacy and does not like any one to interfere in our private world. Whether it is our personal life or social life, privacy is must. As you all know that all browsers keep a track on your activities, it is hardly possible to keep our personal data apart from other users on the same browsers.

However you can take preventive steps to keep your personal data apart. Locking the menu bar is one such preventive measure. Hide Your Menubar, a Firefox add-on, can help you a lot. This add-on helps you to get your menu bar locked easily. Continue reading “Lock your Firefox Menu Bar for more privacy”

Try RockMelt: Social Web Browser

We all have our social life, don’t we? We like to stay connected with our friends and not only like to read their updates but also chat with them and trust me if you are not using any of these social sites like Facebook or Twitter, you seriously are missing out. Facebook had become like our daily activity and we visit it frequently even in a day. To access FB, we open the FB page on a new tab and keep it refreshing to see any notification.

Here is a web browser called RockMelt that will take away all this overhead from you. RockMelt is more than a browser, also termed as Social Web Browser, it have integrated friends and social bar in the browser itself so that you don’t have to open the web pages specially just to see the updates. As per the dev Continue reading “Try RockMelt: Social Web Browser”

Determine Total number of Tabs opened in Firefox

This is a common issue to all the daily web surfers who like to stay online most of the time, like me. I tend to have lot many tabs opened in my browser since I don’t like adding bookmarks and want to visit some pages daily. This might be the same scene as with you.

Every browser also has its own style of showing the opened tabs, for example, Opera shows all the opened tabs in the same window whereas Firefox shows some tabs in the foreground and hides other in the background. These hidden tabs are to be accessed using the arrow button on the tab bar of the browser. Continue reading “Determine Total number of Tabs opened in Firefox”

Steps to Remove FreeCause Toolbar

Toolbars are sometimes great and helpful as they can help us in accessing certain things that we often access easily and in few steps. Say for instance, a PR checking toolbar helps you in quickly checking the Page Rank of any webpage without the need to check manually.

Similarly, FreeCause toolbar is a toolbar using which you can search several search engines at the same time with the same search term typed once in the toolbar. This toolbar comes as an add-on in the web browsers like IE and Firefox. Continue reading “Steps to Remove FreeCause Toolbar”

IE6 declared Dead by Microsoft in US

IE6 that changed the trend with its launch in 2001, is officially now declared dead by MS. Microsoft, recently, wanted the users to switch to the new versions of the browser but the count of the people using the newer versions was not that enough.

Now after some 10 years, Microsoft had declared the IE6 browser dead after collecting some statistical data about it. It has been found that less than 1 % of the population in US, used IE6 for their internet browsing purposes which was way too less for the MS to officially announce as the death of the IE6 browser. Continue reading “IE6 declared Dead by Microsoft in US”

Find out Files Downloaded by your Browser when browsing Internet

When we browse the internet we visit the web pages that we want. Whenever a webpage is loaded, it loads several items like the page, the images but there are several things that we don’t know about as they are downloaded by the browser in the backend.

If you have also wished to find out what all things were downloaded behind by your browser when you were busy surfing the internet then here is a free tool for that called WebSiteSniffer. The tool displays the details of the files downloaded in its window which is quite easy to understand. Continue reading “Find out Files Downloaded by your Browser when browsing Internet”

Chrome Overtaking Firefox for no. 2 spot?

In the tough competition of the web browsers, there are lot of these fighting for the top places. Be it Microsoft’s IE, Mozilla’s Firefox, Google’s Chrome, Apple’s Safari or Opera, each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

While IE is used the most worldwide and is at the top spot, Firefox (as of now) holds the next position but the rate at which Chrome is gaining popularity, seems like it is going to take over the Firefox for its second position. Continue reading “Chrome Overtaking Firefox for no. 2 spot?”