Burn CDs with CD Manipulator easily

CDs are used worldwide to transmit data from one computer to another and also as storage device. If we compare it with other storage devices, it is the cheapest of all. CDs are used mostly for read and write tasks. We definitely need an application for performing these tasks. The application should be fast and create your backups easily.

CD Manipulator is an open source application for Windows which performs different type of read and Write tasks with your CD drives. You can create backups of your projects. The interface of this application is really remarkable which makes it easy to use. It doesn’t have any confusing option which you can’t understand. It performs all the vital functions that a CD burning software should do. When you open the application, the main window shows you, the different options with which you can start working. The options are very straight forward. It provides you full control over your discs. This application does not require any expertise. You can easily work with this software. Continue reading “Burn CDs with CD Manipulator easily”

Free CD Drive Eject/Insert Utility for Windows

Most of the new systems especially the laptops come with the dedicated button for ejecting or inserting the CD tray but in case you don’t have one, you can still make use the feature. One of our readers also wanted to have the CD drive eject utility as mentioned below.

We have written about the tool once which can be used somewhat for this purpose, but here is a free and simple tool that will enable you to both eject and insert the tray with just one click.

Emsa CD Tray Pal is a handy utility that acts as a CD-ROM Drive control menu. It runs in the system tray and makes opening/closing CD door easier than ever, even on multiple CD-ROM drives. Continue reading “Free CD Drive Eject/Insert Utility for Windows”

Prevent Cyclic Redundancy Check Error

This is a common problem and occurred to one of our readers so I thought of writing a detailed article about it, so that it may help others as well. Cyclic Redundancy Check or CRC Error is quite common and can occur in any system.

First of all believe me this error is not certain i.e. it can happen one time and not occur at other.

Why does CRC error occur?

Cyclic Redundancy Check, in reality, is a data check procedure that checks whether the data to be transferred is transferred successfully or damaged in the process. If you get this message, it means that the file being read by your PC or software is corrupted. However, it does not mean all the data is lost forever. Continue reading “Prevent Cyclic Redundancy Check Error”

[Solved] CD Drive not Detected

There may be a case that your CD/DVD drive is ejecting properly but it is not showing up in the My Computer. This was the problem with one of our readers and here are the solutions for that.

Solution 1:

•    First ensure that your device is enabled from the Device Manager.

•    Go to Control Panel -> System -> Hardware tab and then click on Device Manager. Continue reading “[Solved] CD Drive not Detected”

Burn Disc Successful but Disc is Not Reading

It must have happened to you one or the other day that you have burnt a disc CD or DVD but it is showing blank and not reading in many drives.

Well if this is the case then here is what to do to avoid this in future.


1. The first and the prime thing to note is that always try to burn the disc at lower speeds than maximum speed available. The reason for this is that though many disc writers support high speed burning but there are many that faces problem when trying to read the discs burnt with that speed. Continue reading “Burn Disc Successful but Disc is Not Reading”

Create Desktop Shortcuts to Eject and Close CD Drive

Don’t make efforts to reach to the CPU and push the CD drive eject button to open the CD tray, just make a shortcut that can do it for you right on your desktop or in the right click context menu.

Similarly you can make a shortcut that can close the drive for you, sounds great isn’t it? This great work is achieved by the tool called NirCmd.

How to make Shortcut to open and close CD/DVD Drive:

1.    Unzip the package that you can download from the link at the bottom of the article. Continue reading “Create Desktop Shortcuts to Eject and Close CD Drive”

Install Windows Recovery Console in Windows Boot Menu

If you want to repair Windows installation but can’t get into the Recovery Console of the CD Rom as was the problem of one of our readers, then why not install the Recovery Console directly inside the Windows Boot Menu?

Wouldn’t it be great if you want to access the recovery console but you can do this directly from your drive and not CD, so that you don’t have to search the CD in case of a Windows Failure? Continue reading “Install Windows Recovery Console in Windows Boot Menu”

Steps to Open or Eject a Jammed and Stuck CD Drive

It can happen to anyone that a CD that you have inserted in the CD Drive gets stuck causing the drive to get jammed and not eject when the eject button is pressed.

This usually happens due to a worn out CD but do not worry as you can manually open the CD Drive within seconds.


1.    What you need is a pin like a Paper Clip. Just ensure that the pin is neither too Continue reading “Steps to Open or Eject a Jammed and Stuck CD Drive”