Google Maps not Showing Route Lines in Chrome

Google Maps are my first choice to find out the route that I should take while travelling to some place or may be just to see what’s the current traffic situation is like. I use Google Maps on my desktop with Chrome at work, laptop at home and also my mobile phone which are all in sync with each other.

Everything was great until recently my Chrome browser at work stopped showing the route lines for some direction on Google Maps. It just displays the time taken for different routes but doesn’t display the route lines like it used to. Continue reading “Google Maps not Showing Route Lines in Chrome”

Replace Google Doodle with your Favorite Doodle (Chrome)

Google’s homepage images also called as Google Doodle are fun, interactive and can easily lighten up your mood. Google create and changes these doodles quite often depending upon any historical day, birthday, anniversary, special event like a game or anything significant. Sometimes Google also creates these doodles like a game which user can play and enjoy.

You can also learn more about that doodle by clicking on that doodle which will take you to the Google Search where it will pull up the details about that event. The bad thing is that Google only keeps that doodle for that day and changes it next day. Continue reading “Replace Google Doodle with your Favorite Doodle (Chrome)”

Play Local Music Files with Chrome as Music Player

Do you know, a web browser is capable of performing much more than just browsing on internet? Well yes, you must have seen a browser opening images, playing videos using the Java or HTML5 technology, opening PDF docs and sometimes playing music files too. To make this music playing experience richer, you should probably continue reading.

You can perform lots of tasks just with your browser, and for the majority of those using Chrome, you can also play your local music files stored in your computer with Chrome, no separate music player needed. With the help of a Chrome extension that you can install right in your browser, called as Achshar Player, you can improve the capability of the music player in Chrome. Continue reading “Play Local Music Files with Chrome as Music Player”

How to Enable Google Now Cards on Chrome

The day since Google Now has come to our Android phone, it had made our life easier and simpler. Google Now is one of the best features of Google which I liked as it not only monitors our activities in our phone but also displays cards based on that and actually which might come helpful to us.

For instance, if you have looked for some movie online (when you have logged into Google with your login) then it will start displaying information regarding this movie like the movie show times, reviews and etc. So if you also liked the Google Now, then you can have it on your Chrome browser too. Continue reading “How to Enable Google Now Cards on Chrome”

Convert any Webpage to Print Friendly Doc and PDF in Chrome

Internet is full of information and which is why we all like to surf internet. There are times when we wish to keep that information with us handy in some different format may be a document so that we don’t have to visit the webpage again, or may be as a printed sheet, so that we can carry that information with us everywhere.

While taking a printout or converting the webpage into any document is not that difficult, however there are lots of ads and other things on the webpage that are useless and increase our page count. We can take the printouts easily but there is no option to customize the data before doing that. Continue reading “Convert any Webpage to Print Friendly Doc and PDF in Chrome”

Prevent Web Scripts and iFrames from Auto Loading in Chrome with ScriptBlock

If you are a geek user then you know how the information is transferred over the internet but if you are not into computers then probably you don’t know how a web page loads. A webpage can consists of some java scripts and iFrame boxes which might load in the background without any knowledge to you. While trusted websites use only the good scripts, you can’t be sure of all the websites out there. There can be some which use malicious codes to hack your data.

Thus it is very important to block scripts from running in the background while giving access to run to all those you trusts. Well if you are a Chrome user, then here is an extension that works great. The extension is called as ScriptBlock and will let you control javascript, iframes and other unwanted content on a website. Continue reading “Prevent Web Scripts and iFrames from Auto Loading in Chrome with ScriptBlock”

Organize your Tabs Vertically in Chrome with Veritabs

I still remember the days when we used to work without tabs on the browsers, whenever we need to open a new page we had to open a new window and open the link in it, thereby cluttering our taskbar and making it difficult for us to manage and surf the internet. Tabs have really changed the way surfing is done by making things easier.

If you are a person who like to open multiple tabs and keep them opened until for later time then you know it always aggregates and you end up managing lot many tabs at the same time (well this happens to me every time). While there is no issue in opening multiple tabs, it however makes us difficult to recognize which tab is for which site as it hides the title and also the favicon of the website. Continue reading “Organize your Tabs Vertically in Chrome with Veritabs”

Switch any Chrome Tab between Normal and Incognito Mode with a Click

I have tried many browsers for my online browsing but the day I started using Chrome, I never went back to another browsers. This is because of the features that Chrome provides along with the ease of use. One such feature is the Incognito mode. The advantage of using Incognito mode is that you can securely browse your confidential data without worrying about clearing the stuffs later on.

While you can start the incognito mode anytime by going into the browser options, but what if you want to switch any tab that you have already opened to the incognito mode? And what if you want to switch more tabs to the incognito mode? I don’t think you would like to go through the process of copying and pasting the URL in the incognito mode manually. Continue reading “Switch any Chrome Tab between Normal and Incognito Mode with a Click”

Get Android Notifications on your Computer Screen

For all those people who find it very hard to stay away from their phone even for a minute, this post will be really helpful. How many times does it happen to you that you forget your phone at home? Well that’s very common with everyone and we tend to miss our phone somewhere and feel that if we are missing on some important calls and notifications.

Here is a solution to this, with the Android app called as Desktop Notifications you can now display the notifications right on your computer screen. That’s right; you won’t need to check your phone again and again as you will get the android notifications right on your computer desktop screen. Be it the missed call notification, text, email or anything, if your phone has got it then your computer has got it too. Continue reading “Get Android Notifications on your Computer Screen”

Check how well your Browser supports MathML Acid

Today we have got lot many browser options to choose from, while some people use Firefox others are using Chrome as their browser. It won’t be wrong to say, Chrome is today the most used browser as it is faster than the others and is capable of performing all the operations. But do you know that the team at Firefox is making important changes in the browser so that it can improve upon its functionality? Firefox is trying the bridge the gap between Chrome and itself. What makes me say that? Well read the post below to find out.

We have earlier written about a browser test called as HTML5 test, which lets you know how well a website with HTML content will load on your browser. Today we are back again with another browser test called as MathML Acid test. Chances are you have not heard about this term before. MathML Acid test is a test that lets you know how well the browser would be able to handle the mathematical expressions on the internet. Continue reading “Check how well your Browser supports MathML Acid”

Tweak YouTube and Hide Watched YouTube Videos with YouTweak

We all like watching videos on YouTube, don’t we? The one good thing about it is that based on our activity it automatically suggests us the next video that might interest us. Say, if you are watching some prank video then all the suggestions for the next video will be of similar video and if you use YouTube on different computers then there is no way to remember what all videos you have watched already.

Here is a simple Chrome extension that will help you tweak YouTube for many features once installed. This extension is called as YouTweak and as the name suggests it can be used to tweak certain default functionalities on YouTube. Continue reading “Tweak YouTube and Hide Watched YouTube Videos with YouTweak”

Check how well your Browser Supports HTML5

HTML5 is the upcoming technology that would be present in the browsers we use today. It is a set of some specifications that would be incorporated in the browsers, although these specifications are not yet finalized but the companies today have started preparing the browsers HTML5 ready. So if you are not sure if your browser supports the HTML5 technology or not and if it does then how well, then this post will help you find out.

HTML5 means different things to different people. You could argue that HTML5 only includes features that are defined in the W3C HTML5 specification. Or you could argue that it includes every specification, draft or experimental feature that is added to browsers in the last couple of years. Continue reading “Check how well your Browser Supports HTML5”