Process Information: What is Vidalia.exe?

One of our readers wanted to know about the process called vidalia.exe that runs in the background. If you also want more info on this, then here are the details.

What is Vidalia.exe?

Vidalia.exe is a genuine process related to the if it is located at the Program Files directory of your system but if it is located at some other place as well then it can be a malware too.

Why is it running?

The process is related to the Vidalia Support and is running in the system if you have used this service once. The process can be found Continue reading “Process Information: What is Vidalia.exe?”

Save Priority of Computer Processes with Prio – Process Priority Saver

Every process that runs in the computer has a corresponding process running in background but listed in the task manager. There can be several processes that can run simultaneously and we can also choose which process should be given higher priority.

In Windows we can select the priority of a process running in the Task Manager but they gets reset to default each time the computer is restarted. But if you want to run a specific program but with modified priority then we can use this tool called Prio – Process Priority Saver. Continue reading “Save Priority of Computer Processes with Prio – Process Priority Saver”

Set and Save Process Priority Permanently

There are several processes running in the system at a specific time and Windows automatically sets the priority of each process.

Priority to any process can be set using the Task Manager however it will be till the process gets completed and if you run the process again it will start again with the default priority.

So if you want to save some priority to a process, a tool called Prio (Priority Saver) comes to rescue. This compact program allows you to save the priority you specify for any process. Continue reading “Set and Save Process Priority Permanently”

Re-Run the Startup Programs not Already Running

It may happen while normal booting of the computer that the system comes across some problem and the startup processes don’t starts up properly.

This may happen to some or all the processes resulting in the improper booting of the system which may require the system restart. But if you do not wish to restart the computer you can just restart all your processes that have not started properly with the help of a tool called ReRun. Continue reading “Re-Run the Startup Programs not Already Running”

Process Information: What is Rundll32.exe?

You have seen Rundll32.exe as a process and also as a malicious program, the following article will help you understanding it.

There are huge collections of DLLs (Dynamic Link Libraries) in our system that is responsible for storing application logic in the computer. There is no genuine way to launch the required .dll file in the computer memory so it is for this purpose the Rundll32.exe process is used. Continue reading “Process Information: What is Rundll32.exe?”

Process Information: What is csrss.exe?

If you have been wondering what process csrss.exe is and why it is running, then here are the details.

Csrss.exe is a process used by the Microsoft Client Server Runtime Server Subsystem and hence is the process name csrss.exe. The process is used for managing the majority of the graphical instruction.

Why is it necessary?

Csrss.exe is necessary for the proper functioning of the Windows and its Continue reading “Process Information: What is csrss.exe?”

Process Information: What is ctfmon.exe?

If you run windows then you must have seen this process running in the background. This is a very common process and appears each time you try to remove from the startup list.

Ctfmon.exe is a common and useful process related to the Microsoft Office Suite. It does the important work of controlling the Alternative User Input and the Microsoft Office XP Language Bar. It comes handy when we try to control the computer through speech or when using the onscreen keyboard. Continue reading “Process Information: What is ctfmon.exe?”