EA Sports Launches Need for Speed The Run

Are you a gaming fan? I am one, and I like playing many games on the computer (not on PS, I guess), like NFS and Counter Strike etc. Well if you are also one of the persons who have enjoyed all the series of the NFS till now, like the NFS Most Wanted, Underground, Carbon, Shift or Hot Pursuit then here is some really good news for you.

Electronic Arts or popularly known as EA sports, have officially released the latest entry to the NFS club yesterday with The Run. The latest game is called Need for Speed The Run, and the game is actually the run for your life. If you win, you are entitled to the huge amount of prize money but if you lose then you are dead. Continue reading “EA Sports Launches Need for Speed The Run”

AssaultCube: Multiplayer First Person Addictive Shooter Game

Its weekend today and this is why I was in no mood of work, in fact wanted to spend my day gaming so thought of sharing a cool game that I came across recently.

The game I am talking about is called AssaultCube. AssaultCube is a Free multiplayer first-person shooter game, based on the CUBE engine. If you like games like Counter Strike or Unreal Tournament then I am sure you will enjoy this game too. The game surroundings are real life and with fast, arcade gameplay, it’s fun and addictive. Continue reading “AssaultCube: Multiplayer First Person Addictive Shooter Game”

Accelerate, Smoothen and Better your Game Playing Experience

We like playing a lot of games on our system, don’t we? One of my favorite games is the all time Counter Strike which can be played better if we face less ping and the FPS is more.

If you also like playing games but in smooth and accelerated manner then here is a tool for you that will boost game speeds.

The software is called Game Booster which in a way is highly recommended for the gamers like you. Using Game Booster you will definitely see an improvement in game speed and from now on your game will hang less often. Continue reading “Accelerate, Smoothen and Better your Game Playing Experience”

Steps to Reduce Counter Strike Latency or Ping

One of the most popular online games Counter Strike or CS also has some problems related to it. Almost one out of two people playing this game is troubled by the problem of facing a high ping or uneven latency. The high latency makes the game lag so badly that it becomes very difficult to play.

In spite of having good configuration of the PC and a high speed internet connection the gamers come across this strange problem. This is a major problem of CS players around the world and of one of our readers. The reasons for this problem can differ person to person and there is no fix solution to the problem but I have listed here various solutions that may solve your problem. Continue reading “Steps to Reduce Counter Strike Latency or Ping”

Steps to Do at WARNING: Connection Problem in CS

This is a common sight that when playing Counter Strike or Counter Strike Source, we get to see “WARNING: Connection Problem” written on the top right corner of the screen. This is a problem faced by many including one of our readers.

This is purely a network or connection problem that occurs when you have lost your connection with your server. The problem does not have a permanent or definite fix for it but then also you can do following things when you encounter this:

•    Check if the firewall is not blocking steam or half-life. Continue reading “Steps to Do at WARNING: Connection Problem in CS”

Solution to #cstike_chat Disabled problem in Counter Strike

There is a strange problem in Counter Strike 1.6 or Half-Life that while playing over internet or Lan with friends we often come across that when we publish our chat either by using say option or say_team option we see that #cstike_chat comes at bottom of screen instead of the chat message that we are supposed to see.

Let us see the problem types and their solutions. There are two kinds of this problem:

1.    If the chat is disabled and we don’t see any chat

2.    Or we see #cstike_chat message in place of the actual chat message at the bottom of the screen. Continue reading “Solution to #cstike_chat Disabled problem in Counter Strike”

Solution to Problem when Connecting to Server in Counter Strike

I like playing games a lot and last time while playing Counter Strike when I tried to join an online server there was a problem while connecting to the server. This is a common problem faced by most of us who like to play Counter Strike online.

I knew the server address to connect but when I entered the command in the game console there was error like

Connecting to

And the game stuck at retrying the server again and again. Continue reading “Solution to Problem when Connecting to Server in Counter Strike”

Steps to Terminate Process or Full Screen Game when Hang

It may happen to any of us that in spite of having a good configuration and powerful PC our system may hang when we run an application or a full screen game. This happened to me when I was playing Counter Strike (I enjoy playing many other games as well) the game hanged, sound started looping and nothing was working.

I tried hitting several keys like Ctrl + Alt + Del, Alt + F4 and Windows button but nothing seemed going my way. I was left with no other option but to restart my PC using the cabinet power button. I am actually not in favor of this as the improper shutdown can corrupt our data and can cause many other problems.

So I have found a useful way to kill the process that it is worth sharing here. Continue reading “Steps to Terminate Process or Full Screen Game when Hang”

Steps to make or record Counter Strike Demos

Want to record your own demo? Yes you can easily record the demos of how you play; this can be much beneficial if you want to remove the problems and improve as a better player or just to show off your best shots after making a movie.

We can make the demo easily while playing and without using any software or application. The demos are recorded in .dem extensions and takes optimum space.


•    At the point you want to start recording your demo, bring up the console. Continue reading “Steps to make or record Counter Strike Demos”

Convert .dem to .avi

Gaming has become very popular today with new and new games releasing. So if you like playing Counter Strike very much (like I do) then this post is just for you. Wanted to have another look at the headshot u just had? You can easily convert your CS demos to videos for viewing and analyzing them later.

This has been tested by me and the videos are just great.

Step 1:
What you all need is just the software called “Video Mach” which you can download from here. The software is free and will continue to work absolutely fine even after the evaluation period.

Step 2:
Start CS and play the demo, now at the point when you wish Continue reading “Convert .dem to .avi”