Dynamically Change your iOS Device Keyboard Color

As I always say, default apps and settings provided in our devices like phone or tablets are too basic and provide no customization which might look pretty boring to people over the time. Same goes with the iOS device keyboards. The default keyboard is very simple and can go really boring over the time.

Well if you have a jailbroken iPhone (to increase its functionality) here are couple of famous tweaks that you can install on your phone for better usage and look of the keyboard. Continue reading “Dynamically Change your iOS Device Keyboard Color”

Get Turn by Turn Directions on Apple Maps in Unsupported Countries

I remember the days when we used to go out and ask the people on the streets for the directions, but the time have changed and since the birth of GPS, the life is a lot simpler. All you need is a GPS device and you can go to any place near you even if you are unsure of the route and direction to take. Well that’s the beauty of it.

However, it is not the same for every country. We still have lot many countries where the GPS service is not properly functioning. Users also have the choice of using either Google Maps or Apple Maps for their direction. Although I personally prefer the Google maps for the live traffic updates and directions, some people still tend use the Apple maps may be because of its integration into the iPhone and the apps. Continue reading “Get Turn by Turn Directions on Apple Maps in Unsupported Countries”

Change iPhone’s Status Bar Color to any color using StatusColor

I had an iPhone for a long time and really liked it but keeping the same stuff for a long time always bores you up. We always require change and this is why I missed customization in iPhone, although it is possible to customize it but not everything. I always wanted to change the Status Bar color of iPhone from default black to some other color and keep changing to suit my moods but it wasn’t possible to do so.

Well not anymore, if you have a jailbroken iPhone then here is a Cydia app developed for this purpose called as StatusColor by RiDan (you might also find an app with the same name StatusColor app but you can distinguish by the name of the developer). Continue reading “Change iPhone’s Status Bar Color to any color using StatusColor”

AutoDimWithoutLock: Automatically Dim your iPhone after some time without Screen Lock

Although these days our smart phones come with powerful battery to power the device for a long period of time but still most of us are not pleased with their performance. While it also depends on the usage, the fact is that the most of the battery is consumed by your phone display. So that means you should try to minimize the display usage but this does not mean you should always lock your device to save the battery because if your phone has a password lock, then you will be irritated unlocking your device every time.

Here comes the feature of Screen Dimming useful, if your phone has an automatic screen dimmer then you will definitely save more battery. Samsung Galaxy phones have this beautiful feature in built, in which it automatically detects whenever the phone is not in use, it dims the screen. Continue reading “AutoDimWithoutLock: Automatically Dim your iPhone after some time without Screen Lock”

Get a Reminder message every time you Unlock your iPhone

We all are so busy in our daily life and work activities that we tend to forget some items and other less important work. What I have been doing to overcome this situation is to write a note of every item that needs my attention and keep checking it regularly but this is surely not a solution I would want. Had there been a simple solution like someone or some app reminding me again and again, I would have loved it.

Well if you are an iPhone user then you can make use of the following app called as Remind Me. As the name of the app suggests, it is a reminder app for your jailbroken iPhone that will help you in remembering the stuffs and will constantly remind you of some item that needs your attention. There are other reminder apps too then why this app, because it reminds you every time you unlock your iPhone with a blue pop up box which has to be manually closed thereby making sure that you read it each time. Continue reading “Get a Reminder message every time you Unlock your iPhone”

WhatsAtor: Send WhatsApp Messages from any screen on iPhone

WhatsApp is one of the most used texting apps these days, the popularity of which is increasing everyday. Users can not only send texts, photos, videos but now they can also send audio files as texts and that too without any charge. The users using WhatsApp, however, need to use their data for this purpose. The other major advantage of using WhatsApp is that it is compatible on all phone OS available today, so whether it is iOS, Android, Blackberry or Nokia, people can use the app.

Well if you are using WhatsApp on your iPhone then here is some app that will help you. The app is called as WhatsAtor and can be used to send WhatsApp messages from anywhere on your iPhone. In simple words, you don’t need to locate the WhatsApp icon and click it to start it, just use this method to compose your message from any screen on your iPhone and this works in other app too (say you are using some other app, then you don’t need to exit that app to use the WhatsApp). Continue reading “WhatsAtor: Send WhatsApp Messages from any screen on iPhone”

PocketNotify: Check your iPhone for Notifications without taking out of Pocket

With so many applications on our phone like Facebook, Whatsapp, Messenger and email services, it is likely that we get a notification every now and then. I tend to receive lot of notifications frequently but since I have an Android phone with a LED blinker I can know if I have one or not. Whereas iPhone on the other hand don’t have such notification LED, so in case you missed a notification you would have to manually check if you have it or not.

Here is an app called as PocketNotify using which you can find out if your iPhone have a notification or not and that too without even taking out of pocket. With this app you don’t need to keep checking the phone every now and then to see if you have missed a notification or not. Continue reading “PocketNotify: Check your iPhone for Notifications without taking out of Pocket”

Select Custom Size Screenshots on iOS with ScreenshotPlus

Screenshots are sometimes very important as they can help someone save time in not writing the entire text present on the screen, or just as a keeper of some important information. What if you are playing some game and need to save the high score to show it off to your friends? Simple, just take a screenshot. So whatever be it is, we all have taken screenshots some or the other time. These days almost every smartphone now provides a way to take a screenshot.

But the problem here is that it is only possible to capture the contents of the entire screen and not specifically any part of a screen. Suppose you need to capture only some custom size area of the screen and not the entire screen, then it would definitely involve you to work on the image editing later on, thus wasting your time. Continue reading “Select Custom Size Screenshots on iOS with ScreenshotPlus”

Add Colors to your Recent Calls in Call Log with Prime for iPhone

Recent Call Activities also known as Call logs is an important feature of a phone as it helps us to not only record the call activities for certain time but also provides more detail about the call. You can find all the missed, incoming and outgoing calls with their duration here for some period of time depending upon the phone you have. iPhone also records the call log in the Recents tab of the Phone app and displays all the missed calls in Red color.

Color coding can be helpful as by just looking on the display casually you can find out which call you missed and which was received, however the iPhone, by default, shows only a small identification icon next to the number. It would have been great if there was some option of turning the call logs into color coded numbers just like the missed calls. Continue reading “Add Colors to your Recent Calls in Call Log with Prime for iPhone”

Set Auto Replies for Text on iPhone with AutoResponder 2

I don’t know what but the maximum number of texts I receive are when I am either driving or sleeping. Funny it is, but it’s a common scene with many users. How many times it has happened to you that you are busy with something, can not look into your phone and receive some urgent text from your wife? Well if you don’t reply to it you are gone 😀

Although people can leave a message in a voicemail to you but what if they are waiting for some response from your end? Wouldn’t it be great if you can set up some auto replies for all the messages that goes unattended for some specific period of time? I am sure this would help many people like me. Continue reading “Set Auto Replies for Text on iPhone with AutoResponder 2”

Send Rage Troll Faces as Messages on iOS with RageBoard

Sometimes chatting with friend with texts is not enough and since words can’t express our true emotions we use emoticons and other things. Emoticons like Emoji are added as additional keyboard to the default iOS device keyboard which can be accessed by pressing the globe icon beside the keyboard. Similarly we can make our communication more expressive by sending rage faces which are trending these days on the entire web.

Rage faces like the troll faces are there on the entire web whether it is Facebook or other social site, as these provide some comic but extremely real expressions. You can also use these troll rage faces to communicate your emotions to the other guy but to be able to send the faces you need to add them first in your phone. You can either add each face you receive to your gallery or just add this keyboard called RageBoard. Continue reading “Send Rage Troll Faces as Messages on iOS with RageBoard”

Disable or Enhance iPhone Power Off Menu with PowerDown Enhancer

For all those who own an iPhone know the importance of the button on the top of the iPhone. The button is not only capable of silencing the iPhone but also produce the power off slide menu when pressed for certain long time. So whether you wish to switch the phone off or prevent its misuse, the button on top is very important.

In case you need to prevent the power button’s misuse then you can also think about disabling the power off feature too. Since there is no provision in the iPhone that enables us to disable the power off feature in it, there is some cydia tool that has come to rescue. With the help of this tool called PowerDown Enhancer, you can let the users to disable the power off feature in the iPhone. Continue reading “Disable or Enhance iPhone Power Off Menu with PowerDown Enhancer”