Flip iPhone to Silent or Reject Incoming Calls

This was the new feature that was developed by the HTC phones that you can control your phone with gestures. The feature was limited to HTC phones for some time and nobody thought of introducing it to the iOS. Gesture controls were missing in iPhone but here is some app using which you can use these features on your iOS device too.

Turn to Hangup is an app introduced by Cydia for their users that enable the users to use their iPhone to silence or reject any incoming call using some gestures like you can flip your iPhone to silence the call or shake it to reject it. Although you can do the same using the Power button on the iPhone, but doing this using the gestures is little exciting. Continue reading “Flip iPhone to Silent or Reject Incoming Calls”

View Exif Info of Images in iPhone/iPad (Cydia Tweak)

Being a passionate photographer, I have been always interested in photography and thus like keeping my clicked photos in my iPhone, but one thing that I miss the most is the inability of my iPhone in displaying the EXIF info of the images stored.

In case you are wondering what the EXIF info is, then it is the details of the image that tells you the settings used to click the photograph and other settings like resolution, dpi, ISO etc. I have been wondering if there is some app in the App store to help me with this. But if you have a jailbroken iPhone and have Cydia installed in it then here is some cydia app that will help you in this regard. Continue reading “View Exif Info of Images in iPhone/iPad (Cydia Tweak)”

Download Files in any format using Safari on iPhone

All the Apple device users are well aware of the fact that it is hardly possible to download every type of file using Safari as the browser by default does not support all file formats. Thus to download files that are not supported by Safari, the users are dependent on third party applications. 

On the other hand iFile is well developed app to manage every file formats. So if we get a tweak that is a combination of Safari and iFile, then only the actual powers of your browser will be unleashed. However a newly released tweak is available but that could be used only of you have a jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. This tweak is known as Safari Download Enabler. Continue reading “Download Files in any format using Safari on iPhone”

Use Android Ice Cream Sandwich On iPad 1 And 2

Ice Cream Sandwich is the latest version of Android and most of the tech freaks are eager to use it. The company provided an upgrade to all Android devices. And if you have jail broken device you can use this upgrade on your iPad 1 and 2. But mind it; if your iPad is not jail broken, this article is not worth reading.

You will also be requiring a PC to download this upgrade. Before you start upgrading your i-device you are advised to take the tiny precaution of saving the SHSH blob on your machine. In case any problem occurs you will be able to restore all our settings back on your device. Continue reading “Use Android Ice Cream Sandwich On iPad 1 And 2”

[Solved] Cydia Crashing on iPhone 3G 3.0 Firmware

It has been quite some time since the release of the jailbreak for the latest firmware version 3.0 for the iPhone. I upgraded my iPhone 3G after some time after the release and had it Jailbreak with the Windows version of the latest Redsn0w released by the official iPhone dev team.

The update and jailbreak process was quite easy but I soon came across the problem of Cydia that kept crashing whenever I tried to run it. It just showed “Unable to Load” at the Cydia home screen and crashes after that. Continue reading “[Solved] Cydia Crashing on iPhone 3G 3.0 Firmware”

Replace iPhone Clock with Live Clock Icon

If you have been using iPhone for quite some time now ten you must have noticed that by default iPhone’s clock icon shows 10:15 time always. The icon shows the same constant time whatever the actual time be.

But by using a hack developed by Ryan Petrich called LiveClock you can bring life to the static clock of iPhone. Using LiveClock you can make your iPhone’s clock show current time with the second’s hand moving continuously. Continue reading “Replace iPhone Clock with Live Clock Icon”

How to Copy Cycorder Videos from iPhone to Computer without Wifi

Though iPhone doesn’t support video recording capability on its own but there is an app available in Cydia called Cycorder that can provide iPhone with video recording capability.

Now this is a major problem for all those people like me who doesn’t have a Wifi connectivity at home but wanted to take the backup of their Cycorder recorded videos. However we can easily transfer our cycorder videos from iPhone to PC without the need of Wifi or WinSCP tool.

I have many videos recorded from Cycorder in my iPhone and using the following method I can save them using only the USB cable and that too without Wifi and iTunes.


1.    You just need to download and install iPhone file explorer software like iPhone Browser (latest version recommended) or DiskAid (other link).

2.    Connect the iPhone via USB cable and run the software.

3.    Now navigate to the folder var/mobile/Media/Videos. You will see all the videos there in .mov extension.

4.    Right click on it and choose save as to save the file.

Now you can share your cycorder shot videos with anyone. The advantage of this method is that the file is copied at a faster rate than using Wifi.

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