Find all the Expired and to be Deleted Domain Names

Website Address or also known as the Domain names are usually registered by the owners for a longer period of time ranging from 1 year to several years. It may happen that one website name is liked by many people but since the names have to unique and only one person can get it for registration, the first one to book it gets to own it. Now we don’t know how long the person wish to keep it with him and since there is always a chance of placing a back order so that if it gets free we get to own it, we should know when our favorite domain names are deleting.

There are lots of domains on the worldwide web and thousands of them are deleting everyday. You must be knowing the fact that when a domain is deleted it is eligible to be registered again, what if there is one that you wish to register which is going to be deleted soon? Well if you are a blogger then you would like to keep an eye of which all domains are deleting everyday and which all are available for registration. Continue reading “Find all the Expired and to be Deleted Domain Names”