DriveLetterView: Drive Letter Manager for Windows

Whenever we connect a drive whether new or the earlier connected, Windows assign it a unique Drive Letter randomly. Managing these letters is possible in Windows through diskmgmt.msc but only for the connected drives.

Then what if your drive is not connected to the system? Also for those who want a specific drive letter to their specific drive always, this can be done using the tool called DriveLetterView. Continue reading “DriveLetterView: Drive Letter Manager for Windows”

Solution to Pen Drive Showing Less Space than Actual

Several readers of our blog TS, sent me this problem that their pen drive is showing them less space than the actual. This problem was faced by one of our readers recently that I decided to write a solution for it.

The problem was that despite being the 4GB capacity drive, it showed only 900 MB of free space and was not storing data more than this. Even on formatting the drive, it could store only 900 MB of data only. If you are also facing the similar issue then here are the two solutions that you should try to make your drive work fine again.

Note: Data in the drive will be lost. Continue reading “Solution to Pen Drive Showing Less Space than Actual”

Steps to do at Windows was Unable to Complete the Format problem

I wonder what is going with my PC right now but the truth is that my system is displaying this error message “Windows was unable to complete the format” every alternate time when I try to format my USB Pen drive. It is certainly a PC problem as this is happening with all drives i have.

This is a strange problem I have started facing recently and what it does is:

•    Doesn’t format the drive once every two tries.
•    Renames the drive to “Removable disk” thereby removing our set names. Continue reading “Steps to do at Windows was Unable to Complete the Format problem”