Handy Scanner: Scan Documents on Go with Free Android Document Scanner

It always helps to keep your important documents scanned or copied easily accessible with you like your license, Passport or a photograph so that they come handy when you don’t have the actual document in the time of the need. I usually keep them scanned on my email but for all you having Android phones, here is an app with which you can not only save your docs with you but also scan the documents on the go and create either scanned JPGs or PDFs.

This is a very useful app called as Handy Scanner which converts your phone and its camera into a powerful document scanner. Using the app you can easily scan even the multi page documents and create PDF out of that or just scanned images easily. While you would be using the camera as usual, it is the post processing filters and the technique that will make the scanned image look quite perfect and similar to the original doc. The post-processing filters give you the greatest quality with the lowest background noise. Continue reading “Handy Scanner: Scan Documents on Go with Free Android Document Scanner”

Turn your iPhone Camera into Search Engine with CamFind

If you have been thinking that your iPhone camera is only for clicking photos and shooting videos then I must tell you that you are mistaken. There are many more stuffs that the phone camera is capable of doing. From capturing the moments, to scanning the barcodes or using as a document scanner, your camera can do wonders. This article will let you know how to use this camera to find anything on Google just by shooting with it.

If we ask most people “how do they search for an item in Google”, a common answer would be by typing the query on Google but do you know that traditional text-based search will be almost obsolete in the near future? People are using smartphones and tablets to have the Internet at their fingertips while they’re on the go, not while they’re sitting at the office. Continue reading “Turn your iPhone Camera into Search Engine with CamFind”