How to Download Files from a Webpage in One Go (chrome)

In today’s time, we don’t like to wait, neither for downloading any file from internet or for loading a webpage. But when it comes to downloading files from a webpage, whether it is document, photographs, spreadsheets or songs, we can’t change the system of downloading files from a page one by one.

If we have to download multiple files we have to click on them one by one to download all of them because each file has a different download link. You need an extension or software to download multiple files at the same time. Download Master is that extension which can help you to download any number of files present on a webpage simultaneously. Continue reading “How to Download Files from a Webpage in One Go (chrome)”

Grab all the URL links in a webpage with URLStringGrabber

While working on the internet it may happen that you come across some very important links on a webpage and want to save most of them with you. If this is the case then you don’t need to copy each and every link manually but with the help of a tool developed by Nirsoft called URLStringGrabber, you can do this easily.

URLStringGrabber is a small and free utility developed by Nirsoft which can help you in storing all the URL links present in all the opened windows of IE. The tool scans all opened windows of Internet Explorer and grabs the URLs stored in them, including clickable links, images, script files, CSS files, RSS feeds, and flash (.swf) files. Continue reading “Grab all the URL links in a webpage with URLStringGrabber”

Scan Links for Malware Infection with VTChromizer before Clicking

If you are a download freak who likes to download lot of content from the internet whether it is the movies, software or other documents then here is a great piece of information just for you.

Before clicking the link and starting the download, wouldn’t it be great if you can get to know the origin of the link or how trustworthy it is? VirusTotal which is one of the good scanners available has released an extension called as VTChromizer for the Chrome browser to scan the link before you hit download. Continue reading “Scan Links for Malware Infection with VTChromizer before Clicking”

How to Download Files from Direct Links

Recently while downloading some songs from a website I noticed that instead of saving the file it started playing the file. Usually, in this case, you can download the file by right clicking the link and selecting “Save As” but what if the right click is disabled on the link?

Here is a way that will enable you to download any file if you know its file URL link. Since entering the song link in the browser started playing it we need some other way to download it.

We will have to use a Download Manager or Accelerator like DAP Continue reading “How to Download Files from Direct Links”