Extract the Contents of exe executable file

Yesterday I wrote about how to extract the contents of a .msi executable file, now I am writing about how to extract the contents of an .exe executable file. Extracting the contents of an exe file is rather easier than that of msi file.

However for this purpose also, you need to have a tool built for this purpose only. If you have WinRar installed in your system you can extract the contents easily but in case you don’t, then here is a tool called Universal Extractor. Continue reading “Extract the Contents of exe executable file”

Extract the Contents of a MSI executable file

Setup executable files are of many types among which there are two famous ones, .msi and .exe files. Both the setup files are self extracting files which installs themselves when double clicked, thus it is bit difficult to see the contents of the setup files before installation.

If you also want to extract the contents of an executable file before the actual installation then you need an Extractor tool that does this. Continue reading “Extract the Contents of a MSI executable file”

How to send exe Executable Files through Email

There are occasions when we need to send some exe files like the executable setup files for some tool to our friends but the problem with these is that the email service providers like Gmail or Yahoo Email, do not allow us to do so because of the safety purposes. This is because the spam that we receive, have the virus as the exe files attached.

Thus whenever we try to send any exe file to our friend, the virus scanner of the email services mark the files as virus (due to suspicion) and thus don’t allow us to send those. Then how should we send them, here is the simple solution. Continue reading “How to send exe Executable Files through Email”

Convert JAR Files to EXE with JAR2EXE Converter

If you have Nokia cell phone then you must have come across the game files that are playable on your phone. Nokia supports Jar game files and these can be easily downloaded from the net.

But if you want to first try the game on the desktop and then install in the phone or just play on the computer itself then here is a small tool that can convert the .jar file into .exe so that the game can be played and installed on the computer itself. Continue reading “Convert JAR Files to EXE with JAR2EXE Converter”

Steps to Protect exe Files from Viruses

Anti Virus is a great protection tool to safeguard our computer and files against the virus but these are not 100% efficient in use and also they require periodic updating of the virus definitions.

Here is a free, simple yet powerful tool that can protect your files and folders especially the executable exe files against the viruses. The tool is called PE Guard and keeps running in the background in the system tray without consuming much of the Continue reading “Steps to Protect exe Files from Viruses”

Steps to send exe and other files through Email

There are occasions when we wish to send to our friend some cool software or any application via email but the email scanners don’t allow us to do that.

This is right on one part to disallow anyone to send virus which are exe files through email but it is of no use to people who have no intention of sending the viruses through the mail.

So here are the steps if you wish to send the executable files through the email like Gmail.


1. The best way to do that use online file storage like Rapidshare or MegaUpload and send the link to the friend. Continue reading “Steps to send exe and other files through Email”

Convert Torrent Files .torrent to .exe

If you like downloading movies then I am sure that you will love this article. So what have you been doing to download movies?

Download the torrent files and then run the torrent client like Bit Comet to download the movies. There is a cool online site that can let you convert your .torrent files into stand alone executable exe files so that you can start downloading your movie or software without any torrent client. Continue reading “Convert Torrent Files .torrent to .exe”

Remove W32/Sality Virus

One of our readers came across this virus known as W32 Sality that has infected his system. Here are the steps to be followed to remove this virus.

W32 Sality Virus has the capability to affect all the executable exe files in the system and also disabling the Task Manager, Registry Editor and other things like Folder Options. However removing this is not very difficult.


1.    Disable System Restore

First of all Disable System Restore so that it may not come again from the Continue reading “Remove W32/Sality Virus”

Convert REG File to EXE with Reg2Exe Converter

Changing registry of the computer holds the key for its proper or improper functioning. However there are times when some virus creator creates viruses that disable the Registry Editing. Well if you have also come across this message “Registry Editor has been disabled by your Administrator” then apart from using RRT to solve the problem and start using Registry Editor, you can also convert reg to exe.

Double clicking a Reg file to import it into the registry requires Registry Editor to be working but if it has been disabled you can convert the file to exe which do not require it. Continue reading “Convert REG File to EXE with Reg2Exe Converter”

Steps to Install .msi files in Linux

MSI files are the popular Microsoft Installer Files used in Windows today to execute and install a program. These files do the same work as other exe files in Windows.

Msi files are mostly setups of applications and Windows can install these files but what if you want to install these files in Ubuntu or Linux?

Wine is a great way to install Windows Installer files in Linux but the only problem with this is that it normally opens exe files only. So here is how to install msi file with Wine in Linux. Continue reading “Steps to Install .msi files in Linux”

Solution to download exe files blocked by the server

This happens most of the times that we wish to download certain file like a .zip file or an .exe file from the internet at our college, school or office but the downloading is blocked from the server. This was the same problem faced by one of our viewers. So here is the way how you can download any file from the net even if it is blocked.


The best possible solution can be to download the file in some encrypted format whose extension is unknown to the server and later rename the extension after the downloading. This is the principle used by an online tool “Download at Work” that enables us to download any type Continue reading “Solution to download exe files blocked by the server”