[Solved] Windows Explorer crashes on Right Click

If you have been using Windows for some time now then you must have come across this situation that when you right click, your explorer crashes with some error message and you will have to either login back or manually start the Explorer.exe process from the Task Manager.

One of our readers was also facing this problem, thus here is a solution that has been found working for many users. We will first find out why his problem first occurred below Continue reading “[Solved] Windows Explorer crashes on Right Click”

Reason why two Explorer.exe Processes are Running

I have seen, sometimes, that there are two explorer.exe processes are running in our task manager. I never thought about it, but why there are two explorer processes running when there is only one explorer working?

Common sense might suggest the infection of computer virus but it is not always true. In my current system there is one explorer process running in background but in case yours have two running then here are details on why they are running. Continue reading “Reason why two Explorer.exe Processes are Running”

Remove Sysdate.exe Virus

Recently my computer was infected with this virus called Sysdate.exe that was inside the Recycler folder in the C: drive. I knew that it was a virus since my PC didn’t have the Recycler folder earlier. Thus the location of the virus was C:\RECYCLER\S-1-5-21-8324555943-4443154761-431384085-6428\sysdate.exe

No one want their computer infected with a virus! It is important to be vigilant, install good anti-virus programs and protect your computer. Whether you are an IT specialist or you only ever use your computer to email and play, it is vital to make sure your computer stays safe. That way, it will function well for years to come, without any problems like these pesky viruses.

Symptoms of this virus:

•    In the Recycler folder there was another folder but in the looks of the Recycle Bin whose name was something like S-1-5-21-8324555943-4443154761-431384085-6428 and on double clicking it, I came across all the files which were there in the Recycle Bin.

•    There was an entry in the Registry Editor named Taskman that came back again and again on deleting. Continue reading “Remove Sysdate.exe Virus”

Solve Explorer.exe Consuming 100% CPU Resources

This is a very common problem faced by many of us using Windows that many times, and unknowingly why, our CPU usage shoots up to 100% and a process named Explorer.exe starts consuming a lot of resources and memory.

This makes our system very slow to respond and takes lot of time to execute an application.
The problem has no definite fox but here is a list of steps that you can try to solve the problem. Continue reading “Solve Explorer.exe Consuming 100% CPU Resources”

[Solved] Windows cannot find regsvr.exe

This is a common error message that comes at the computer startup and is caused by the none other than regsvr.exe virus.

The problem was reported by one of our readers and the solution to fix this problem is very easy.

Steps to solve the problem:

1.    We have already discussed how to remove regsvr.exe virus in the past.

2.    After you have done that then Continue reading “[Solved] Windows cannot find regsvr.exe”

Process Information: What is Explorer.exe?

There are so many processes running in the computer that they can confuse anyone. People have always wondered that why there are so many processes running in the system? To remove this confusion and to provide extra information on these processes, I am starting with this new thread that will tell the people “what process is it and also why is it running in the computer”.

You can read the information about svchost.exe from here. We are starting with the basic process that every user of Windows must have known about, Explorer.exe.

What is Explorer.exe and why is it running in Task Manager?

The explorer.exe file is an executable Continue reading “Process Information: What is Explorer.exe?”

Solution to Svchost.exe not found Problem

This is a problem that happened to one of our viewers. His system got infected with a virus but his Anti Virus cleaned it successfully. But what was strange is that during the next startup his system showed an error message “C:\recycled\SVCHOST.exe not found”.

I came to know that this problem is mostly caused when scanned with either McAfee or AVG Anti Virus (I don’t discourage the use of them). The problem is caused when either the virus or the Anti Virus does some changes in the registry. To know more about the Svchost.exe Continue reading “Solution to Svchost.exe not found Problem”