Transfer Large Files Online using WeTransfer

We often find it cumbersome to transfer files as an attachment to other people. Especially those file that are large in size, it takes too long upload it on your e-mail account and if the file size is too large, even the email service provider does not allow you to send it as an attachment.

Anyhow if you find some service that allows you to transfer such large file, then you have to create an account by registering yourself with that server. But I never found those services very user friendly. As those services also have some limitations. If you are also going through the same problem, then WeTransfer would be the best option for you. Continue reading “Transfer Large Files Online using WeTransfer”

Easily Upload and Share Files Online with SimpleShare

There are lot of ways to share files and data online with your friends and we have also written about it couple of times. This one is another cool way of doing the same thing thus here is another post mentioning the same.

If you have lot of images or files to share with your friends, then try this simple desktop app called SimpleShare. SimpleShare is a desktop app designed to easily upload files and screenshots right from your desktop to your online Box account. Continue reading “Easily Upload and Share Files Online with SimpleShare”

Share Files of Unlimited Size Online with your Friends

There are lot many online file sharing websites that you can use for file sharing with your buddies like Dropbox or Windows Live Skydrive but they have restrictions with them too. The major restriction with them is you need to buy the paid subscription to share large files, files above the set limit.

Recently, it was when I wanted to share my pics with my friends (having large size) that I found this cool way of sharing files of any size online. The solution is with Opera Unite, which is a simple way of making peer-to-peer connection between you and your buddies so that you can send/share files of any size. Continue reading “Share Files of Unlimited Size Online with your Friends”

Share Files Online with your Friends via Facebook

For all those who like to use Facebook a lot here is some cool app that will come very handy too. To share or send any file online to your friends, you had to either use email service or use some file sharing services but here is another file sharing app that is developed especially for people who like Facebook much.

The app is called FileFly and is nothing but a free file sharing online service for the Facebook. Filefly is the easiest way to share anything, privately, with your friends on Facebook. Using this app allows you to create a folder that is accessible everywhere, transfer up to 2GB of data instantly to your friends on Facebook and still pay nothing as it is free to use. Continue reading “Share Files Online with your Friends via Facebook”

Flashmirrors let you upload file to multiple File Sharing services simultaneously

There are lot many file sharing services available like Rapidshare, MegaUpload etc that deciding where to upload a file becomes bit tedious. While most of these services are free, some charge fees for their usage thus deciding between which service to use becomes really important.

Moreover it’s not necessary that all these services work great, some are extremely slow or some have low hosting space. So in case you are also worried where to upload a file and where not then to help your this task easier we have a free web service called FlashMirrors. Continue reading “Flashmirrors let you upload file to multiple File Sharing services simultaneously”

Search File Hosting Websites with FilesTube

Having hard time in searching a file that is quite famous and hosted on the file hosting websites? There are lot many free file hosting websites like Rapidshare, MegaUpload etc that searching for a file becomes bit difficult.

If you like downloading movies, games etc a lot then you must have experienced how much tedious it was to find the links of the files hosted at these places. With the help of another free search website called FilesTube you can search your favourite file easily. This web service is one of the most popular file search services available to us. Continue reading “Search File Hosting Websites with FilesTube”

Dropbox: Online Backup and File Sharing Site

There are many online backup and file sharing sites but this one known as Dropbox is the most popular amongst the users who are using it so far.

Dropbox is more than just online backup as it is the combination of file sync and file sharing service along with the backup service. Dropbox is software that syncs your files online and across your computers. Put your files into your Dropbox on one computer, and they’ll be instantly available Continue reading “Dropbox: Online Backup and File Sharing Site”

Free Online File Sharing Sites

Sending files of huge size over email is almost impossible. After all the efforts and time you have uploaded your file to the email and wish to send the file; the OOPS message that displays make us feel like bashing our head into the PC!

To our rescue we have a lot of file sharing and uploading online sites and services to choose from. There are many sites like Rapidshare or Megaupload but the problem with them lies with the limited file size capability. Continue reading “Free Online File Sharing Sites”