Customize/Add Number of Tiles on Firefox New Tab Page

In the recent version of Firefox 13, the most highlighting feature is the ‘New Tab Page’ that has been added.  Whenever you open a new tab, you will find nine thumbnails (also known as tiles) of those websites that you visit the most. However in my view, what this tab page lacks is the option for customization of the page. You cannot change the number of tiles and add more if you wish to.

Anyhow if you want to change the number of tiles on the tab page, then here is the procedure to do so. An add-on known as ‘New Tab Tools’, is appropriate for accomplishing this task. It will allow you to change the number of tiles (per row and column) on the New Tab page. Continue reading “Customize/Add Number of Tiles on Firefox New Tab Page”

Firefox 13.0.1 Fixes Flash 11.3 Crash Problem

Previously the final version of Firefox 13 which was released by Mozilla, encountered a problem related to the Flash plug-in. Just a few days ago, a new version of Adobe flash plug-in 11.3 was released. Almost all users updated their browsers with the plug-in but Firefox 13 users reported that the plug-in got crashed while surfing the WebPages.

This problem would have risen due to the new Flash Player function “Protected Mode for Firefox“. However the company was unable to fix this problem in Firefox 13, hence Mozilla has released a new Firefox version 13.0.1 in which the company has incorporated the best possible efforts to terminate this problem. Continue reading “Firefox 13.0.1 Fixes Flash 11.3 Crash Problem”

Steps to Disable New Tab Page in Firefox 13

We have mentioned about the release of Firefox 13 earlier, with its exciting new features and improvements. New Home Page, New Tab page, Reset to Default feature and support for Tabs-on-Demand are some of the notable features. Those who have upgraded their browsers to this new version must have observed that when they open a new tab in this browser, they are greeted with a redesigned “New Tab” page.

The new tab page will display the thumbnails of 9 websites that you have visited the most. Whenever you click on any thumbnail, it will take you to that page instantly. It saves your time as well as you don’t have to remember the address of the Web Pages also. This feature was long demanded, as this feature was already available in browsers like Chrome and Opera. Continue reading “Steps to Disable New Tab Page in Firefox 13”

Firefox 13 now Available for Download

The latest version of Mozilla Firefox that is Firefox 13 is now available for download on Mozilla’s ftp server. It has many new exciting features with lots of security and stability. This is a final version of Firefox 13. This version comes with a new default homepage.

The new homepage in this browser gives the user a quicker access to bookmarks, history, sync, add-ons, settings, and much more. A tab page similar to that of Chrome is also added in this version. Whenever you will open a new tab, you get access to your most visited pages or websites with a thumbnail view just as in chrome browser. Continue reading “Firefox 13 now Available for Download”

Reset Firefox 13 to its Default State with “Reset” Button

Usually we install many add-ons that are available for browsers. Sometimes we need them and some time we don’t require them. The unutilized add-ons are just waste and it increases the burden of your browser. Actually the themes or add-ons that we install on our browser make the browser slower and sluggish.

What is the main reason that we use third party browsers over the default internet explorer? The main reason is the speed. Third party browsers actually give you better speed than the internet explorer. But there is no use of the browser if they start working slow just because of installing extensions. Continue reading “Reset Firefox 13 to its Default State with “Reset” Button”