Convert a Unit into another with Firefox Converter Add-on

Converting a metric data into another is one task that I have always avoided. There are so many units that keeping track of one another is difficult and so is the task of converting it into another. For instance, some people use Pounds for weight and some Kilograms. So it is important for us to keep on the same pace as the other person and this is why we need a converter.

Well most of us have this converter app in our cell phones but what if you come any data online while surfing the internet? You would surely seek the help of Google in this case. Well if you deal mostly with data, here is a simple Firefox add-on for your browser that will save your time and provide you with the converted unit instantly. Continue reading “Convert a Unit into another with Firefox Converter Add-on”

Mouse Gestures Add-on for Firefox

If working on your computer has become boring for you then here is some cool gesture controlled Firefox extension that will make working fun and easy again. If you also work more on the internet than the local system, then you will love this one.

This is especially for the Firefox users, here is an extension called FireGestures using which you can perform several actions on your computer with just some simple mouse gestures. Say you want to go back to a page, or reload the web or any other thing, this Firefox add-on would make it fun for you. Continue reading “Mouse Gestures Add-on for Firefox”

Edit the Webpage content in Print Preview Mode

To have a webpage printed you can give a direct print command or save the page in some html or text format and do some changes in the text editor and then print the contents but this process takes time whereas printing the complete page also incorporates useless items like the ads.

So if you are a Firefox user, there is some relief for you. If you need to get the page printed you just need to get this add-on installed in your browser. The plug-in is called Print Edit and as the name suggests, it allows editing of the web page content while in Print Preview mode. Continue reading “Edit the Webpage content in Print Preview Mode”

Recover Text in a Form even after Firefox Crash

If you need to fill online forms or enter data/text into some online forms quite often then this post should interest you. We have seen many times that after spending lot of time in entering data like to type an email, if there is a system crash or network failure we have to type all the text again and waste our effort and time.

If you have also come across this situation a lot then here is a Firefox plug-in that will help a lot. The plug-in is called Lazarus Form Recovery and using this you are sure of one thing, that you will never lose anything you type in a form again. Continue reading “Recover Text in a Form even after Firefox Crash”

Quick Search Wikipedia and Wiktionary directly from Firefox

If you have been using Firefox browser to surf the internet and visit Wikipedia or Wiktionary websites, then here is some cool info for you. Wikipedia and Wiktionary are amongst the best sites that provide useful information and meaning of terms on almost anything that exist in the world.

So to open Wikipedia and Wiktionary what you have been doing? Open them in a new tab and search the term there, or search on Google right? But both these processes are bit time consuming and needs extra effort. Continue reading “Quick Search Wikipedia and Wiktionary directly from Firefox”

Save entire Text in a Text Box Automatically

If you are someone who likes writing on the forums and discussion boards a lot then this post is for you. Consider a situation, you are writing a story or some tutorial in a text box somewhere on the internet and all of a sudden your computer reboots. You will have to type that again, isn’t it?

Well if you are Firefox user, then you have been saved from this situation. With the help of a plug-in called TextArea Cache, your text will get saved in a cache area automatically just when you are typing in a text box online. Continue reading “Save entire Text in a Text Box Automatically”

Open Registry Key automatically in Registry Editor through Firefox

While reading about registry settings on the web pages just like our blog, you need to visit registry editor and navigate to different registry keys. To do all this, you need to manually traverse the keys one inside the other. Wouldn’t it be great if you can directly navigate to the mentioned key automatically?

If you are a Firefox user, then this is possible with the help of an add-on called “Open in Regedit”. What this add-on will do is, it will add an option in the context menu of the browser using which you can directly visit the mentioned registry key without opening the registry editor manually. Continue reading “Open Registry Key automatically in Registry Editor through Firefox”

Manage Youtube Playlists with Standalone Youtube Music Player

There are lot of music videos on the youtube and if you also like to watch the live streaming music and videos then this information is right for you. Although youtube videos can be played on any web browser but there is a Firefox extension that can allow you to manage the playlists as well.

The extension enables a stand-alone music player called Youtube Music Player especially for the youtube that opens up automatically whenever you play any video on the youtube. While the playlists will be maintained inside the browser, the external player will be used to view the video and also to control it. Continue reading “Manage Youtube Playlists with Standalone Youtube Music Player”

Close Tab in Firefox with Mouse Double Click

Firefox is one of the famous browsers and is used by many users around the globe. The two different ways it has to close a tab is either by clicking the close button by the mouse or by using a keyboard shortcut Ctrl + W.

Closing a tab by both these methods is very irritating for the users who have lots of tabs opened while working on the browser. Using keyboard shortcut might be disappointing for the users who do not like working with the keyboard whereas nobody likes to take the mouse cursor up to the tab bar just to close the tab. Continue reading “Close Tab in Firefox with Mouse Double Click”

Voice Command Plugin for Firefox

So how you have been searching some query on Google using the Firefox browser as of now? The most common reply would be by manually typing the query in the search field and hitting Enter.

Well that is a common scenario but what is uncommon these days is the Firefox plugin called Firesay. Firesay enables you to surf the web using voice commands. This feature is quite amazing and adds the speech recognition feature to the Firefox. Continue reading “Voice Command Plugin for Firefox”

See Lyrics with Youtube Music Videos

Ever wanted to see the lyrics of music videos that you are watching on the Youtube? If yes then this functionality is provided by using certain scripts.

How this works?

You need 2 things to enable the lyrics dialog; one is a firefox extension and other a Userscript that does the job for you. The only precondition being the music video should contain the name of the song in the title as the title of the video will be searched in the music database in the web. Continue reading “See Lyrics with Youtube Music Videos”

Multi Links: Firefox Add-on to open several links simultaneously

If you have many links on any web page that are required to be opened then do not worry you do not have to open all the links one by one.

There is an add-on in Firefox that does all this and which not only opens all the links at once but also copy or bookmark multiple links at the same time.


1.    Make sure to install the add-on. Continue reading “Multi Links: Firefox Add-on to open several links simultaneously”