Get Android Notifications on your Computer Screen

For all those people who find it very hard to stay away from their phone even for a minute, this post will be really helpful. How many times does it happen to you that you forget your phone at home? Well that’s very common with everyone and we tend to miss our phone somewhere and feel that if we are missing on some important calls and notifications.

Here is a solution to this, with the Android app called as Desktop Notifications you can now display the notifications right on your computer screen. That’s right; you won’t need to check your phone again and again as you will get the android notifications right on your computer desktop screen. Be it the missed call notification, text, email or anything, if your phone has got it then your computer has got it too. Continue reading “Get Android Notifications on your Computer Screen”

Reveal Password behind Asterisk in Firefox

It is very important to hide passwords as asterisk so as to prevent unauthorized people from viewing it and as it adds a level of security to our logins. Had the passwords been not hidden, we could not have login into many websites in front of our friends or other people. While it is very important to hide the passwords, it sometimes becomes problematic when we forget it.

There are occasions when you accidentally press two keys while typing a password and have to go back again and start all over. Or it might be you are typing with Caps Lock On or the Num Lock off. Yes these are very irritating things and can happen to anyone. Hence it sometimes becomes important to know what we are typing rather than erase all and start typing again. If you are using Chrome, then this is possible with the extension about which we have already written here. Continue reading “Reveal Password behind Asterisk in Firefox”

Open Multiple Links at Once in New Tabs in Firefox

While surfing the internet we come across many websites that are very interesting or some articles that we wish to keep with us or may be forward the URL to someone to have them read it. Well if the links are not much say a couple, it’s not a problem to anyone but say if you receive some 20 odd important links what will you do to open them? I guess we all would manually copy and paste the links in the URL right? This would be very difficult, well if you are a Firefox user here is solution to that.

Here is an add-on developed for Firefox called as “Multi-Link Paste and Go” and what this extension does is, it allows us to open multiple links in new tabs in the Firefox browser. The links just need to be separated by newline so that it can easily recognize them, and when you select all the links (just like normal Ctrl + A) and paste it in the Firefox browser having this add-on installed, it will automatically detect and open the links in the new tabs. Continue reading “Open Multiple Links at Once in New Tabs in Firefox”

Automatically Pause YouTube Videos when Switching to another tab

YouTube is one of my favorite websites as it comes handy at many different situations. It can be helpful if you wish to learn something, to see what’s happening around the world, to pass some time and do other things. I also use it to listen to new and old songs while working on other things side by side.

While listening to some music when working on some other stuff in the background is perfectly fine as you are interested in the sound but not the video, but what if you are watching some trailer or some tutorial? You will be required to pause the video before you switch to another tab as now you are interested in more of the video than the sound. Continue reading “Automatically Pause YouTube Videos when Switching to another tab”

Block Mouse Click Popups in Firefox

Popups are one of the other irritating advertisements on the web and I am sure it is not only me who don’t like them. Most web browsers by default come with the Popup Blockers but they seem to block only the popups that generate automatically when a web page loads and not on certain type of event trigger. Browsers also notify the users on top, whenever there is some popup blocked from opening.

Most of have seen the browsers blocking the automatic popups that generate when a page is loading but not the popups that generates when we click somewhere on the page. So that means if you are required to even click somewhere on the background, a popup generates. Continue reading “Block Mouse Click Popups in Firefox”

Check how well your Browser supports MathML Acid

Today we have got lot many browser options to choose from, while some people use Firefox others are using Chrome as their browser. It won’t be wrong to say, Chrome is today the most used browser as it is faster than the others and is capable of performing all the operations. But do you know that the team at Firefox is making important changes in the browser so that it can improve upon its functionality? Firefox is trying the bridge the gap between Chrome and itself. What makes me say that? Well read the post below to find out.

We have earlier written about a browser test called as HTML5 test, which lets you know how well a website with HTML content will load on your browser. Today we are back again with another browser test called as MathML Acid test. Chances are you have not heard about this term before. MathML Acid test is a test that lets you know how well the browser would be able to handle the mathematical expressions on the internet. Continue reading “Check how well your Browser supports MathML Acid”

Remove Facebook Suggested Posts and Pages from News Feed (Firefox)

It feels very irritating when we come across any sponsored suggested posts or pages from Facebook which we have not enabled but are forced to see. It is, most times, useless and can’t be turned off. It surely doesn’t feel good when we have to read the sponsored story in between our friends’ updates.

Well there is no default way to remove or block these however (just like we shared the workaround for Chrome browser) here is an easy way to overcome this problem. This time all the firefox users who are bugged by this problem can make use of some add-on and get it fixed. Continue reading “Remove Facebook Suggested Posts and Pages from News Feed (Firefox)”

Unload Tabs Inactive for Long Time in Chrome to Free Memory

When I asked my friends about their choice of the Browser then it were the Firefox and Chrome that stood before the other browsers. Clearly these two browsers are the most used browsers today. While people use Firefox for its add-on repository, Chrome is used majorly because of it plain and minimalistic interface which is loved by many people.

I liked Firefox earlier a lot but now I have been majorly using Chrome but in both these browsers I have hated the CPU and memory consumption that these browsers use. Also for someone like me who works with most tabs open, the browsers tend to consume lots of computer resources. I know several people who even don’t close the tab after they have finished working upon. This needlessly increases the memory utilization which could have been avoided. Continue reading “Unload Tabs Inactive for Long Time in Chrome to Free Memory”

Collusion Checks which Sites are Tracking You (Firefox)

Mozilla Firefox is one of the great browsers which help us to get our work done with speed and in an efficient manner. The company has come forward in order to take steps to protect its user’s privacy. Previously the company introduced a “Do Not Track” feature that allows you to opt-out of behavioral advertising though most of websites doesn’t respect DNT.

Most of the websites and advertising companies adopted it but not all the websites came forward to accept it. Thus now Mozilla has introduced a new add-on that is known as Collusion. This add-on will let you analyze the websites that are actually tracking you in real time. Continue reading “Collusion Checks which Sites are Tracking You (Firefox)”

Set Maximum Number of Tabs to be Opened in a Firefox Window

Do you open many tabs while you are online or working for a project? This is a common sight with anyone working online, as is with me. Though it looks really messed up but for ease of work, probably we all do the same thing as you can open multiple sites in a single window and you can switch between them easily.

It happens sometimes that unwillingly some links get opened in new tabs. That increases the burden of the browser and makes it slow. The same time your tab bar also gets overflowed due to opening of too many tabs. Continue reading “Set Maximum Number of Tabs to be Opened in a Firefox Window”

Reset Firefox 13 to its Default State with “Reset” Button

Usually we install many add-ons that are available for browsers. Sometimes we need them and some time we don’t require them. The unutilized add-ons are just waste and it increases the burden of your browser. Actually the themes or add-ons that we install on our browser make the browser slower and sluggish.

What is the main reason that we use third party browsers over the default internet explorer? The main reason is the speed. Third party browsers actually give you better speed than the internet explorer. But there is no use of the browser if they start working slow just because of installing extensions. Continue reading “Reset Firefox 13 to its Default State with “Reset” Button”

Customize Firefox by Adding a Vertical Toolbar

Firefox is a well known third party browser that is fast and efficient. Usually whenever we open Firefox program, we find horizontal toolbars. Not only Firefox, generally all browsers are limited to horizontal toolbars only. But if you have come across the recent version of the Opera web browser, you will find that the toolbar is displayed on the left side of the web browser window vertically.

These toolbars that displayed on the left/right side of the window are usually called panels. You can easily hide or display icons with just a click. Isn’t it great? Now you can add a vertical toolbar in your Firefox browser as well by using an add-on, Vertical toolbar. Continue reading “Customize Firefox by Adding a Vertical Toolbar”