Solution to Windows Delayed Write Failed Error

This is some strange problem faced by one of our readers as he was unable to save any data on his hard disk due to this error message that pops up which read as “Windows Delayed Write Failed”. Usually this problem does not occur even if your hard disk quite old or have bad sectors but you can still come across this alert message while dealing with huge volume of data which involves either single heavy file or large number of small files.

So if you are also seeing this message in your Windows system, then below are some steps that you can follow to solve this problem and fix your system. Continue reading “Solution to Windows Delayed Write Failed Error”

[Solved] Task Manager not showing Menu Bar on Top

Task Manager is one of the best applications that Windows have put in its OS. It can be used for many purposes like from seeing the processes being executed in the system, terminating any process to starting a new process. It also has certain options at the top on its menu bar.

But recently, one of our readers asked us about a problem as he was unable to see the menu bar on his Task Manager at the top. Well if you have used Windows for quite some time now then you must have come across this situation some time or the other. Even this had happened to me many times but this is not much of an issue. Continue reading “[Solved] Task Manager not showing Menu Bar on Top”

Resolve Computer Problems with Microsoft’s Fix it Center Online

Microsoft has recently launched this service where you can easily get the support for many of yours computer hardware and software issues and queries.

Fix it Center finds and fixes many common PC and device problems automatically. It also helps prevent new problems by proactively checking for known issues and installing updates. All the work of diagnosing and finding solution thereby Continue reading “Resolve Computer Problems with Microsoft’s Fix it Center Online”