How to Change the System Font Size in your Android Device

When it comes to my belongings, I don’t like to be dependent on anyone. I just want to customize everything according to my wish. This goes well with my cellphone too. I would like to have something that can help me change the default fonts of my cellphone.

So if you want to change the font size in your android phone that too without rooting your device, I have really got something great for you. Big Font is a free application that allows you to make the font size smaller or larger without going through any rooting process. Continue reading “How to Change the System Font Size in your Android Device”

Identify any Font with Your Android Smartphone

Does it happen with you that sometimes you encounter some fonts which you like very much and want to know the name of the Font? But it is hardly possible to check each and every font by writing in Microsoft Word. Even we don’t have access to our laptops and computers every time.

We have our Smartphones all the time in our pocket, don’t we? Thus we can use them to identify the fonts. You must be wondering that how can a phone be used to identify fonts. But if you have an Android Smartphone; then you can identify font types. Continue reading “Identify any Font with Your Android Smartphone”

Preview Text in all Fonts Installed in your System at the same time

Being a photo enthusiast, I like clicking photos and sharing them on the web but to add a watermark of my name I require some stylish font. To get the desired font of my choice I had to type the text and manually select every new font installed to see how the text is appearing.

If same is the case with you then here is how you can see the preview of the text in all the fonts installed in your system at the same time. With the help of this online utility called Wordmark, you can type the desired text in the top Wordmark box and click on the Load Fonts button below to generate the preview Continue reading “Preview Text in all Fonts Installed in your System at the same time”

Identify any Unknown Font

I am so interested in photography that I want my sign on the photo to be super cool. There was this font of my friend I once came across, that appealed most to me but I had no idea of what font he used. I was even unsure how to search this font on the Google.

If you have also come across some font that you don’t want to miss out, then here are two helpful share that you can use.

1.            Identifont

As you can make out with the name of this website called Identifont, you can find the closest and similar looking font (if not the actual one) in little time. Continue reading “Identify any Unknown Font”

Install New Fonts or Fonts Missing from Computer

To watermark photos I click, I used to use some font that was present in my earlier laptop but after I received a new system I found that the font I used to use is not present in this system. I wondered if it was the image application that I use was missing the font but later I figured out that the fonts are present are present in the Windows OS and not the applications used.

Thus if you are also going through some fonts that are now missing from your machine then you just need to download and install that. Similarly you can also download and install new stylish fonts in your system. Continue reading “Install New Fonts or Fonts Missing from Computer”

[Solved] Missing Install New Font Option in Windows

Windows lets you install your own favorite fonts with ease but here is a problem reported by one of our readers that the option of install New Fonts was missing from the File Menu of the Windows/Fonts folder.

Causes of the problem:

•    The System and Read Only attributes are no longer set for the Fonts folder.

•    The Fontext.dll file may be missing or damaged.

•    The Desktop.ini file may be missing or damaged (more info) Continue reading “[Solved] Missing Install New Font Option in Windows”

Create Your Own Handwriting Fonts

I was using the default fonts in the Word 2007 but always wanted something that enables me to write the document on the computer with my own handwriting fonts. If you have also felt the need to type in your own hand writing or just wanted to create your own fonts on the computer, then you can do that easily.

Yes you heard it right! Now you can create your own fonts within 15 minutes and that too for free. Here is the online font generator that can build the fonts Continue reading “Create Your Own Handwriting Fonts”