Control Screen Saver from Windows Tray Bar

If you like to have different screen savers for different moods but want to run those at different time and at your will then you must want to control those. Here is a simple tool that lets you control the screensaver right from your windows tray bar.

What you all need to do is just run this application called TrayScreenSaver and since it does not require any installation, it is worth trying. Continue reading “Control Screen Saver from Windows Tray Bar”

Change Transparency of the Taskbar

Taskbar is the bar that is placed at the bottom of the screen and contains all the tasks, hence is the name Taskbar. The bar can be made to auto hide or permanently visible by using the settings of the Windows Taskbar.

But if you want to change the transparency of the Taskbar so that the background is visible more, then here is a tool for this purpose called FadingTaskbar. Not only the taskbar gets translucent but also fades in and out with the movement of the mouse over it. Continue reading “Change Transparency of the Taskbar”

Change your IP easily with FreshIP

There are times when we need to refresh our computer’s IP address and have a new IP address. But what you usually do for this purpose? Restart the internet modem so that the IP is allotted dynamically.

Well the process is simpler now as you just need to have a tool called FreshIP. FreshIP allows you to easily change your computer’s IP address by clicking its tray icon. Just install and run FreshIP. It will start and run silently in system tray. Continue reading “Change your IP easily with FreshIP”

Convert Trial Version of Software to Full Version

We all like downloading new and different software from the internet and use them for our purpose but most of them come with certain limitation.

The software that we download are mostly shareware that is they are just for the trial purpose and will get expire after some time but now you can use your trial software any no. of times.

To be able to use the free version of the software you need to download the tool called Time Stopper which can stop the time for trial version software. When you stop the time you can use your trial versions forever. When you stop the time Continue reading “Convert Trial Version of Software to Full Version”