Things you can do to Spend Free Time on the Internet

We are inundated with entertainment access each and every day. If you’re like me then you’re the type of person to spend nearly an hour sorting through the stations, browsing the Web, purchasing digital games, unlimited music stations, or scrolling through Netflix to find something to watch. There is so much choice that it starts to become a problem which people like to call information overload.

On one hand it’s amazing that we have so much content available but on the other it feels like there is simply so much that we can’t decide on what we want to do; it’s an interesting problem.

As someone who probably spends a little too much time browsing entertainment options, I figured, I could give you a distilled selection of services (and recommendations) so you’re no longer aimlessly surfing through the channels, Web, music, or games. Continue reading “Things you can do to Spend Free Time on the Internet”

Get Angry Birds Space for Free on iOS Device

Previously we have discussed that the developers of Angry Birds game had released a new version of Angry Birds Space. This game brought new exciting feature for the Smartphone users but at the time of release, the users were required to pay something to get this version. After some time the company (Rovio) made the full version of this game for free for the android platform but the iOS users were left out and they didn’t get an opportunity to try this game for free.

I know that many users do not like to pay anything for such things, thus keeping this in mind now the company is ready to provide the iOS users with the first ten levels out of the full eighty levels of this game. Also it includes some free updates that will add more levels with time. Continue reading “Get Angry Birds Space for Free on iOS Device”

Download Google Chrome with 17 Pre-Installed Games

Google Chrome could be termed as one of the great browsers these days. Its speed and support are the key features of its emergence as a powerful browser lately. It supports extensions that make a user friendly environment, also these extensions provides some features that results in the optimum utilization of the browser.

If we take a look on the previous versions of chrome, one can easily figure it out that it was Chrome 10 dev. version that came with 2 pre installed games that always appeared on the ‘New tab’ page. After this no other version has been created that comes bundled with games. Games can be added only after the consent of the user. You can add various games from chrome web store to play in your browser. Continue reading “Download Google Chrome with 17 Pre-Installed Games”

Use your iPhone/Android Device as Game Controller

Games take you to another world, gaming acts as a stress buster. But playing games with keyboard and mouse is an old idea. In today’s world of iDevices and android which are just like mini computers in pockets, allows you to leave this old idea of gaming and use these devices as a game controller.

Yes, an application known as Wanderplayer really fulfills this wish. However, the app is still in beta but it allows you to play 30 Different games on your Windows/Mac by using your android/iPhone. It relieves you from playing games by sitting in same position continuously. Your Smartphone will act as a handy remote control, which you can use in any position. Continue reading “Use your iPhone/Android Device as Game Controller”

Angry Bird Space Released by Rovio

Angry bird is the most amazing and the most downloaded game of the current time. Finally the day has arrived for which we all have been waiting for. The new version of Angry birds- Angry Birds Space is out and available for download on Android, iOS, Mac & Windows.

It was announced some days ago and the company officially released the trailers and teasers including the one featuring an actual NASA Astronaut on an actual space station. The new features of this game are: New power ups, new characters and 60 full new levels to play. Continue reading “Angry Bird Space Released by Rovio”

Game Downloader for Windows

Every one like playing games, be the player is a child or an adult everyone play games. Games take you to the world of fascination; even some games feel so real that sometimes we tend to forget that we are playing it. Games surely act as a stress buster.

Everybody loves playing good games. Be it on the computer, on a tablet, on a smart phone or on a console; be it a quiet game played alone or an engaging multiplayer; be it a mind-challenging puzzle or a blazing first person shooter. Each one of us has our own tastes and we can’t deny this fact. Continue reading “Game Downloader for Windows”

Turn any Image into Jigsaw Puzzle with Firefox

Remember the old time when we used to play the jigsaw puzzle? Well you can still play this favourite game of yours on your system and that too with any of your favourite image used for puzzle.

Yes, you can convert any image, whether stored locally on your system or you came across online, into a puzzle simply by having an add-on installed for your Firefox browser. The add-on is called as Puzzle, and what it does is, it adds an entry in the context menu using which you can convert any image into a puzzle pieces and use it for playing. Continue reading “Turn any Image into Jigsaw Puzzle with Firefox”

Download Angry Birds Game for Chrome and Computer

Whether you like playing games or not, you must have heard about this popular game called Angry Birds. This game has become so popular that most of us have this installed on our mobile phones or the iPads. So if you don’t like to remain away from this game then you can install this on your computer as well as play on your Chrome browser too.

In case you missed what this game is all about, then here is a short summary. It all started when the green pigs stole the birds’ eggs which made the parent birds angry. So use the unique destructive power of the birds and crash in the castle build by the pigs. Take revenge and show the pigs what birds are capable of. Continue reading “Download Angry Birds Game for Chrome and Computer”

3D Graphic Processors to be out soon

After the televisions, it will be computers who will be getting a 3D look soon. Computers or to be specific tablets will be available on 3D soon which will be enjoyed most by the people using for entertainment like playing games or watching movies.

NVidia has also started gearing up and a leaked slide from NVidia reveals that it has started manufacturing the 3D version of its Tegra 2 graphics processor. As you can see in the leaked slide, it shows a 1.2GHz Dual cortex A9 processor, which is exactly something required to bring 3D to tablets. Continue reading “3D Graphic Processors to be out soon”

Yahoo Messenger 11 Beta Released

Yahoo Messenger is one of the best chat messengers available and after the successful launch of YM 10; Yahoo has released the latest version of the messenger that is YM 11 but in Beta stage.

Yahoo has incorporated several new features this time like the introduction of the new games. Yahoo Messenger 11 will offer users some games created by Zynga which is one of the famous games developing company. So now you can spend more time online playing the new games. Continue reading “Yahoo Messenger 11 Beta Released”