Monitor and Control your PC remotely from your Smartphone while Gaming

This goes for all the hard core gamers out there who like to play games on their computers. The last thing any gamer want while playing games, is the disturbance which can be from someone outside or from the computer apps. How does it feel when there is some facebook message, or twitter update on your desktop when you are playing? It doesn’t feel nice when your system starts lagging due to maximum usage of the RAM and you have to quit the game to control the task manager. What if someone asks you to lower the volume of the audio being played in the background; you will again have to quit playing.

Here is a simple app that can completely monitor and control your computer remotely using your smartphone whether iPhone or Android without having you to quit playing and taking a break. Moreover the app is completely free to use. Continue reading “Monitor and Control your PC remotely from your Smartphone while Gaming”

Improve PC Game Performance with Wise Game Booster

Games are one of the best ways to relax and spend some boring time when you have nothing much to do at home. I also like gaming, and thus can tell you how important it is to have a computer that run the games smoothly and without any lag. In case you are also a gamer, but can’t upgrade your PC right now, then this post will tell you how to optimize your computer so that you can have a lag free gaming experience.

A smooth gaming experience requires good computer configuration but not all of us can afford to have the system reconfigured every now and then. Hence it is important to make sure that our resources are free when we are playing the games. The problem here is that we can’t do that manually, thus it is better to use some game speedup tool. Continue reading “Improve PC Game Performance with Wise Game Booster”

Microsoft to release 7-inch Xbox Gaming Tablet

It has been a world of tablets and phones recently. After the launch of iPad Mini, the tablet lovers are here to witness the launch of Microsoft’s gaming tablet called as Xbox Surface. It was believed that Microsoft is already working on to the development of this product; we should expect to see the product soon.

Xbox which is the gaming console from Microsoft is already doing well in the gaming console market however it was missing behind in the handheld gaming category. While other companies have their products already launched like Sony Playstation Vita or Nintendo GameBoy and tablets like iPad, Microsoft too wanted to enter this category of gaming. Continue reading “Microsoft to release 7-inch Xbox Gaming Tablet”

Play casino games on your iPhone for real money

For those who like to spend their free time gaming, Apple has revolutionized the way we enjoy all our favorite casino games, and we can now play on the move. Would you not like to play all the top gaming titles in the palm of your hand? Be able to enjoy any type of casino game even when you are on the move? We all love the features of the world’s favorite smart phone and now they can benefit us even more with online games that allow us to win real money.

The iTunes app store doesn’t offer you games that you can play for real money, all the games available there are purely just for fun and there is no chance of you winning anything in return. But, with the help of sites likeiphonecasino you can now play real money games on your iPhone. The real money games feature favorites like blackjack, poker and roulette, as well as the ever popular slots, and offer the same great jackpots as found online. The quality is exceptional and the games have been created by developers to be completely compatible with the Apple device. Continue reading “Play casino games on your iPhone for real money”

Xbox or PS: Which one do you like the most?

Last time we asked you about your must have mobile app that you like to have in your mobile phone and seems like it is the dictionary app that is liked by many. I too have dictionary app installed on mine and also use it quite often.

This week we have something interesting for the gamers since it was the game week last week. While NFS had released the latest game The Run, Xbox is celebrating its 10 years of fun. So tell me, which one do you like the most, Playstation or the Xbox? Continue reading “Xbox or PS: Which one do you like the most?”

EA Sports Launches Need for Speed The Run

Are you a gaming fan? I am one, and I like playing many games on the computer (not on PS, I guess), like NFS and Counter Strike etc. Well if you are also one of the persons who have enjoyed all the series of the NFS till now, like the NFS Most Wanted, Underground, Carbon, Shift or Hot Pursuit then here is some really good news for you.

Electronic Arts or popularly known as EA sports, have officially released the latest entry to the NFS club yesterday with The Run. The latest game is called Need for Speed The Run, and the game is actually the run for your life. If you win, you are entitled to the huge amount of prize money but if you lose then you are dead. Continue reading “EA Sports Launches Need for Speed The Run”

Improve PC Performance when Playing Games

Tired of the lagging game with your slow computer? Well if you have a slow system that gets really slow when you try to run a heavy game, then you should give a try to the some game boosters available. There are some game boosters and system boosters available in the market, here is the review of one of them.

The game booster I am mentioning about here is called as GBoost. GBoost is a free game boost application that actually frees up system resources so that you face no problems in running that heavy game. This improves the overall speed of your game including frame rate drops and lag spikes as well as alt tabbing out of games faster and generally more responsive gaming. Continue reading “Improve PC Performance when Playing Games”