Disable Gtalk Chat Integration for Specific Friends in Orkut

Users that have a common Gmail account for Gmail and Orkut have a great feature enabled by default. Orkut users can chat to their online buddies on Gtalk right from their Orkut Chat application just by enabling the Chat Integration between Orkut and Gtalk.

Whenever we accept a new friend request on Orkut, the friend gets listed in our Gtalk buddy list but what if you want to accept the request but do not want to chat with him in future? You can’t disable the integration as this would disable the chat with other friends also.

Here is a cool trick that I frequently use to chat with some specific friends on Orkut while not with everyone that joins my Friend’s list. Continue reading “Disable Gtalk Chat Integration for Specific Friends in Orkut”

Solution to No Invisible Option in Gmail Chat

Gtalk has been missing several features that have been discussed many times till now but to cope up for these the Google team introduced the Invisible option in the Gmail chat which is still missing from the Gtalk client.

Though Gmail has introduced the Invisible feature in the Gmail chat but you can still find it buggy. What I found recently that the “Invisible” option was missing from the Gmail chat when I used it at my friend’s place. The above pic describes the situation. Continue reading “Solution to No Invisible Option in Gmail Chat”