Schedule an email to be Sent Later in Gmail with Boomerang

Everyone likes flexibility and when it comes to our work, it makes life easier. All those who work on Outlook, know the importance of scheduling an email message but for those who are working on Gmail with no client, scheduling an email message to be sent later can be really helpful.

There are situations when we wish to schedule an email to be sent later at some time say to wish someone birthday (about which you might forget later on) or talking to someone who lives in a different time zone. So if it what sounds interesting to you, the service is called Boomerang for Gmail and it lets you schedule the email message to be sent later as specified by you even without the network connection at that time. Continue reading “Schedule an email to be Sent Later in Gmail with Boomerang”

Get Email Read Notifications in Gmail with Streak Email Tracking

Emails are the preferred mode of communication today and not only for professional purpose but also for personal reasons. Whenever we send an email, we want to make sure that it has been read by the receiver at the other end however by default, no email provider gives us this option. So for all those who are using Gmail as the email provider, you can now find out when your email has been read.

With the help of a third party extension developed for Chrome, senders can now find out if the email being sent has been read or not, how many times, from where and from which device. This extension is called as Streak Gmail Tracking and is really simple to use. Continue reading “Get Email Read Notifications in Gmail with Streak Email Tracking”

Enlarge and Move the Gmail Compose Window to the Center

We all have been aware of the new feature of Gmail introduced some time back. This is about the Gmail’s new Compose email feature in which when we click the compose button to type a new email, there pops up a small window on the bottom right part of the screen in which we can enter the recipient, the subject and the message.

Well this might be convenient to some users but I don’t like this feature very much as I have the habit of typing emails where I have larger window and typing screen. So for all those who would still like to get something like that back here are few tips using which you can enlarge your compose screen and also move it to the center. Continue reading “Enlarge and Move the Gmail Compose Window to the Center”

Pause or Stop Gmail from Receiving Incoming Emails

Email is, no doubt, the best way to mail someone without involving any physical transfers of letters or the transportation. But over the years our inbox had been controlled by others. Whenever someone wished to send us an email, our inbox received it. I always wanted some feature that allowed us to enable or disable receiving the emails.

Imagine you are on some vacation with family, and you receive some email from office. I am sure you won’t like that and you will have to go on and read the email. Wouldn’t you find it helpful if there had been some plug-in or some tool that can enable us to stop or pause the incoming emails on our will and as long as we wanted, still letting the email senders know that we haven’t read the email? Continue reading “Pause or Stop Gmail from Receiving Incoming Emails”

Gmail goes Down for some time Today

When it comes to email, Gmail is the leading email service provider today. Powered by Google, gmail also known as Google Mail, is used for its simplicity and trustworthiness.

But since Google also depends on electronic servers it would be wrong to say that it can’t go down. Today morning (that is around 2 hrs earlier from this post), Gmail was reported down for both consumers and enterprise users making use of google servers. Continue reading “Gmail goes Down for some time Today”

Steps to Determine Email Sender’s IP Address and Location

This is the age of technology and today we use electronic mails more as compared to the old form of physical mails. When we receive an email from someone we can find out who is the sender of the email from the sender’s address but there is no field that can tell us what the location of the email sender is. Sometimes it becomes very important to determine the location of the email to check its validity as a person may be sitting in some country and claiming to be in another.

Thus it sometimes, is important to find out the approximate location (if not accurate) of the email sender. To be able to find out the location of the email sender we first need the IP address of the email sender or the IP route used by the email itself. Determining this is not very difficult and every different email service has its own way of finding this out. It can be like right clicking and checking the properties or the Full Headers. Continue reading “Steps to Determine Email Sender’s IP Address and Location”

Access Gmail Offline without Internet on Chrome

Gmail which is one of the most used emails today is being used by almost everyone today. We receive our daily communications on our emails, and Google Mail is the widely used medium for it. So it happens most of the times that we need to check our emails which require an active internet connection all the time.

Suppose your internet is down due to some reasons or you wish to access the emails offline, then it is possible if you are using Chrome. With this Chrome extension called Offline Google Mail, you can not only access, read your Gmail emails but also search the mailbox, respond an email and also archive any of the emails without the network access. Continue reading “Access Gmail Offline without Internet on Chrome”

How to Enable and Use Keyboard Shortcuts in Gmail

I like using keyboard shortcuts, as it reduces our effort and helps to do my work faster. Recently I got to know a new feature in Gmail. According to this feature, Gmail supports Keyboard shortcuts. As we all know that it is better to use keyboard shortcuts for mouse intensive tasks, so we should enable this feature in Gmail also.

With these shortcuts you can easily reduce your workload. You can quickly navigate between mailboxes (Inbox, Sent Mail, Drafts etc.) and other Gmail sections including Contacts and Tasks using these shortcuts. So to enable shortcuts and assign hotkeys in Gmail, open Settings and go to the General settings. Then click on ‘Keyboard shortcuts On’ option to enable this feature. Continue reading “How to Enable and Use Keyboard Shortcuts in Gmail”