Google Maps not Showing Route Lines in Chrome

Google Maps are my first choice to find out the route that I should take while travelling to some place or may be just to see what’s the current traffic situation is like. I use Google Maps on my desktop with Chrome at work, laptop at home and also my mobile phone which are all in sync with each other.

Everything was great until recently my Chrome browser at work stopped showing the route lines for some direction on Google Maps. It just displays the time taken for different routes but doesn’t display the route lines like it used to. Continue reading “Google Maps not Showing Route Lines in Chrome”

Get Turn by Turn Directions on Apple Maps in Unsupported Countries

I remember the days when we used to go out and ask the people on the streets for the directions, but the time have changed and since the birth of GPS, the life is a lot simpler. All you need is a GPS device and you can go to any place near you even if you are unsure of the route and direction to take. Well that’s the beauty of it.

However, it is not the same for every country. We still have lot many countries where the GPS service is not properly functioning. Users also have the choice of using either Google Maps or Apple Maps for their direction. Although I personally prefer the Google maps for the live traffic updates and directions, some people still tend use the Apple maps may be because of its integration into the iPhone and the apps. Continue reading “Get Turn by Turn Directions on Apple Maps in Unsupported Countries”

Google Maps showing 3D Landmarks

Google maps or the Navigator is the most amazing technique brought up in past 2-3 years. Mostly all the Smartphones have this technique installed. While having these applications whenever I go to a new place I never feel I am lost. It actually acts as a life saver at an unknown place.

Most of us are using this technique already. Google recently enhanced more than 1000 famous landmarks for the desktop users as well as for Smartphones. The purpose of these 3D landmarks is to help make them more recognizable and useful to folks visiting a country who rely on them to get around. Continue reading “Google Maps showing 3D Landmarks”

Now See Weather conditions in Google Maps

Google Map is one of the popularly used services of Google that come handy when you have to either see some place on the globe or find directions to some place. Not only this, you can also see some place very closely from above.

Recently Google have introduced a new feature in the Google Maps which is the Weather feature. This weather feature in the Google Maps let you know the current temperature and weather conditions around the globe which will surely help you plan your trips and visits to the new place better. Continue reading “Now See Weather conditions in Google Maps”