One Stop Cloud Backup Guide For Android Phones

The data stored on your Android phone is important to you, and the last thing you would want is the data gets lost, erased or destroyed. This can happen due to several reasons, and even a single app that gets stuck or cause the handset to malfunction can remove all data on your device.

However, there’s no need to worry about important data getting lost, as you have the option to create a backup to the external cloud. Cloud backups give you access to your data from any remote location through many different devices wherever there is a Wi-Fi/wireless internet service like

There are some backup methods also available to store the data from the phone to local hard drive on the computer, but cloud backup provides an additional level of security and satisfaction. Continue reading “One Stop Cloud Backup Guide For Android Phones”

How to Disable Email Notifications on Google+

I have been using Google + from the day it started. It is really a good compliment to Facebook. But I have recently encountered a new thing related to this social network. I have been receiving notification e-mails related to new posts or comments on the social networking site. In actual the problem is not that big but sometimes it irritates me.

Thus I have disabled all email notifications on Google+ to reduce the number of emails. Then I realized that probably I am not the only one who is encountering such problems. So I have decided to share the method of disabling those e-mails with all our readers. Continue reading “How to Disable Email Notifications on Google+”

How to Create Google+ Page for Yourself

Google+ is another mostly used social networking website after Facebook today. Google+ provides almost all features that Facebook does. If you are using Google+, then you might want to setup a fan page or so for your business, organization, club, or just for personal self-promotion.

Thus now you can create such pages which will promote your ideas and could make it more distinctive as compared to other pages. Though most of the pages present on Google+ are based on business activities but there is a lot of space available to create group/personal pages that can be used as blogs where you can add original content, or linked content from anywhere on the web. Continue reading “How to Create Google+ Page for Yourself”

Remove Inactive Users from your Circle in Google+

Google+ is a social networking site powered by Google.  Like Facebook and Twitter, users also use Google+ to enhance their social network. In this social networking site, circles are created where you can add your contacts and share your contents with them, just like any other social networking site.

Like every social networking site, Google+ also limits the friends to 5000. You can only add people to your circles up to 5000 only. What if someone has left the Google+, but then also those inactive users are visible in your circle. These inactive users are just a dead weight that the users need to get rid of. Continue reading “Remove Inactive Users from your Circle in Google+”

New Face-Lift for Google+

It would not be wrong to say that the biggest competitor for Facebook today is Google+. Google+ is trying to enhance its user interface to get more users. Recently, Google+ profile pages got a face-lift which has garnered accolades from critics. The new profile page is somewhat similar to that of Facebook but in my view it is somehow better than it.

The newly designed page has each and every object at the right place which makes it even more perfect. The new services added to this new look comprises of Hangout, photos, online friends etc. which are integrated on the profile page. Move the cursor on each option and it will display the respective options on the screen. Continue reading “New Face-Lift for Google+”

Use all Social Networking Sites at one place with Social

In this generation of social networking, we all have our own personal social networking profiles and that too not only on either Facebook, twitter but also on many other websites. Also we happen to check our email and chat with our buddies daily, don’t we?

Doing all this can be irritating as we have to log on to these network and manage the windows separately. It would be surely better if we get to use all the social networking sites, emails and chat clients at one place, isn’t it? Continue reading “Use all Social Networking Sites at one place with Social”

Get Google+ Notifications on Windows Desktop with G+ Notifier

After Orkut and Facebook, it is Google Plus which is somewhat successful in attracting users day by day. Google+ is, yet another social networking site which has some cool features and others similar to that of Facebook. One such feature is the notification feature which easily lets us know about the status updates or the updates on our activities.

To see all the notifications that you have received you have to login in to the Google+ account and check the account online but this is not always possible to login again and again. Thus if this is the case with you then here is a desktop app to help you. Continue reading “Get Google+ Notifications on Windows Desktop with G+ Notifier”

Facebook to launch something “Awesome” soon

With the announcement of Google’s Plus (social networking site) that competes with none other than Facebook and Twitter, Google is making some news and taking away the users from Facebook. Everyone knows what happened to Orkut after Facebook was launched, could this happen to Facebook too?

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, told reporters in their Seattle office that the company is planning to launch “something awesome next week”. While this is unclear of what the term “awesome” refers to but people have started guessing that something great is going to come in the field of mobiles or tablet world. Continue reading “Facebook to launch something “Awesome” soon”