Google Now Card to tell where you Parked your Car

Google is constantly undergoing improvements and changes. A small change which was done this last Thursday, proved to be a major improvement for almost all of us. Forgetting your car parking location is a common and small thing with most of us and can actually happen to even to the best of the guys.

Imagine you coming out of a party and to spoil your mood you don’t remember where you parked your car. Well if you have an Android phone with GPS capabilities, you might be lucky to find the car soon. Continue reading “Google Now Card to tell where you Parked your Car”

Some Interesting Google I’m Feeling Lucky Tricks

Google is the most used search engine today all around the globe and for places which do not have Google search engine in their country; the search engines used by them are also powered by Google. Well Google is not only the search engine and is used for many purposes today, whether it is for shopping, entertainment and planning anything, it can be used for many purposes.

With Google Search one can see a less used button on the page called the I’m Feeling Lucky button, which we all know is there but not why? This button takes you to the first result of the search directly without having to click the search and the link. Continue reading “Some Interesting Google I’m Feeling Lucky Tricks”

Facebook Web Search Coming Soon?

The web is all about the queries and the results. For all those who like to spend most of the time on internet, surfing and searching Google, you might get a new search engine soon. Whether or not you like Google, you were supposed to use it to make queries and get a pile of results but not now as it seems like competition in search engines is now growing and we now might see a new competitor soon.

Recently, Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of famous social website Facebook indicated that the users might see a new web search engine developed by them. According to him, people are already using the Facebook search feature to find the social details of others and they are handling lots of queries daily. He also added saying that, they have a team of people working on developing the so called Facebook Search Engine, and at some point they will do it. Continue reading “Facebook Web Search Coming Soon?”

How to Disable Email Notifications on Google+

I have been using Google + from the day it started. It is really a good compliment to Facebook. But I have recently encountered a new thing related to this social network. I have been receiving notification e-mails related to new posts or comments on the social networking site. In actual the problem is not that big but sometimes it irritates me.

Thus I have disabled all email notifications on Google+ to reduce the number of emails. Then I realized that probably I am not the only one who is encountering such problems. So I have decided to share the method of disabling those e-mails with all our readers. Continue reading “How to Disable Email Notifications on Google+”

Remove Inactive Users from your Circle in Google+

Google+ is a social networking site powered by Google.  Like Facebook and Twitter, users also use Google+ to enhance their social network. In this social networking site, circles are created where you can add your contacts and share your contents with them, just like any other social networking site.

Like every social networking site, Google+ also limits the friends to 5000. You can only add people to your circles up to 5000 only. What if someone has left the Google+, but then also those inactive users are visible in your circle. These inactive users are just a dead weight that the users need to get rid of. Continue reading “Remove Inactive Users from your Circle in Google+”

New Face-Lift for Google+

It would not be wrong to say that the biggest competitor for Facebook today is Google+. Google+ is trying to enhance its user interface to get more users. Recently, Google+ profile pages got a face-lift which has garnered accolades from critics. The new profile page is somewhat similar to that of Facebook but in my view it is somehow better than it.

The newly designed page has each and every object at the right place which makes it even more perfect. The new services added to this new look comprises of Hangout, photos, online friends etc. which are integrated on the profile page. Move the cursor on each option and it will display the respective options on the screen. Continue reading “New Face-Lift for Google+”

Augmented Reality Glasses from Google

Google has taken a new step in the field of technology. Google has turned the fantasy into reality. Google glasses is the new achievement of the company. These glasses can do everything that a Smartphone does. This gadget is created in order to make our lives more convenient.

These reality glasses are so hi-tech that by wearing on your eyes you can access your e-mails. You can view, upload and share files using this gadget. You can take images as well and can directly share them on social networking websites. It gives you the power of GPS tracking and provides you directions (navigation). You can play games online and watch movies on the go. Continue reading “Augmented Reality Glasses from Google”

Backup your Facebook Photos, Updates or Timeline

Facebook and other social networking sites like Twitter, Google + are the most accessed websites today where most of the people spend their time online. Thus we have something about these sites only that might interest you.

At the first instant, you would ask me why shall you backup or save all your Facebook content when it is already present on your profile. This question is right but to some extent as you are never sure of the policy updates of these social sites, it may happen someday that you wish to view some old photos of yours but due to policy updates, those are now not unavailable. Continue reading “Backup your Facebook Photos, Updates or Timeline”

Stop Google from Tracking you when visiting websites

Google is the sole leader of the internet, today, when it comes to online searches but do you also know that Google also tracks the users for their own purposes and for improving their services. Google uses this data to learn about the user habits so that they can improve their services.

Say when you visit a website that uses any of the Google services like Google Analytics, Adsense, Google search, or other things you are tracked by Google. While this may not have any adverse effect on you but still there are users who don’t like any kind of monitoring on them and for this reason you may want to disable or block the Google from tracking you. Continue reading “Stop Google from Tracking you when visiting websites”