Use all Social Networking Sites at one place with Social

In this generation of social networking, we all have our own personal social networking profiles and that too not only on either Facebook, twitter but also on many other websites. Also we happen to check our email and chat with our buddies daily, don’t we?

Doing all this can be irritating as we have to log on to these network and manage the windows separately. It would be surely better if we get to use all the social networking sites, emails and chat clients at one place, isn’t it? Continue reading “Use all Social Networking Sites at one place with Social”

Send and Read Twitter Updates directly from Google Talk

For all those who like Twitter much and tweeting a lot but don’t have enough time to manage tweet updates and see the tweets of others, here is a useful share for you.

We like tweeting on Twitter don’t we? But it is not possible, all the time, to log in to the twitter website to update and see the updates of others. So for all those who don’t find much time for twitter here is a tool that can help. Continue reading “Send and Read Twitter Updates directly from Google Talk”

Chat Directly on Facebook with FacebookDiscovery

If you have been looking for some way to chat with your Facebook buddies but can’t login into your Facebook account via web then the Facebook chat client can serve your needs.

Facebook is so popular social networking site that sometimes it is blocked in most offices, schools and other places but being a Facebook user I can understand how much impatient it is to not be online for a while. Here is a Facebook desktop chat client called FacebookDiscovery that enables you to chat directly from your desktop with all your Facebook buddies. Continue reading “Chat Directly on Facebook with FacebookDiscovery”

Online IM Sites to Access Blocked Gtalk, Yahoo Messenger at Work

Lot of people around the globe are troubled by this thing that Instant Messenger sites like Gtalk, Yahoo Messenger, Aim, MSN etc are blocked at their office, school, college or at other places.

We have written about it earlier but not everybody seems to be satisfied with the solution. So here is a list of some online sites that allows you to access these social Instant messenger chat applications without the need to download and install the application.

The advantage of using these online sites is that along with being convenient it offers privacy and not all the office people know these sites which means very less chances of these being blocked. Continue reading “Online IM Sites to Access Blocked Gtalk, Yahoo Messenger at Work”

Google Chrome in Beta Stage

I wonder if Google like the Beta logo a lot, but whatever is the case, the news is that recently Google has released a new version of Chrome browser thus marking the Google Chrome browser in beta stage again.

Gtalk is still in Beta stage and it would be interesting to find for how many days the Google Chrome remain in one but according to Google they are working on some feature that no other browser has by default. Continue reading “Google Chrome in Beta Stage”

Share Your Computer with Friends Using Gbridge

Wouldn’t it be good if you are able to share your desktop with your friends on Gtalk online? Imagine how much easy it would be if your friend can also see the folders lying on your system, and all of you are able to work together on a presentation that you needed to prepare.

I came across this cool and free toll called Gbridge that enable us to share folders, transfer files, synchronize items between different PCs, chat and also share desktop with Continue reading “Share Your Computer with Friends Using Gbridge”

Solution to No Invisible Option in Gmail Chat

Gtalk has been missing several features that have been discussed many times till now but to cope up for these the Google team introduced the Invisible option in the Gmail chat which is still missing from the Gtalk client.

Though Gmail has introduced the Invisible feature in the Gmail chat but you can still find it buggy. What I found recently that the “Invisible” option was missing from the Gmail chat when I used it at my friend’s place. The above pic describes the situation. Continue reading “Solution to No Invisible Option in Gmail Chat”

Not Able to Transfer Files with Gtalk

Gtalk is a great IM from Google used by almost every one of us today. But since it is quite popular, it is also packed with several problems. One such is of file transfer.

It must be known to you that to use file transfer capability of Gtalk completely and successfully, both the IM clients need to be Gtalk. Thus whenever some one tries to send a file to another buddy on Gtalk and is unable to send it then it is sure that one of them is using chat from Gmail and not from Gtalk.

But the reason why I am writing this post is that Continue reading “Not Able to Transfer Files with Gtalk”

4 Ways to Run Two or More Gtalk Simultaneously

We happen to have more than one Email Ids and sometimes more than one Gmail Id. So logging out from one account and login to the other is very troublesome. If you want to run Gtalk for two or more same Gmail Ids simultaneously, you can easily do that.

There are many ways of doing that (you maybe knowing some) but here is a list of four easier ways. It was notified by one of our readers who was facing problem while using Gtalk for 2 Gmail accounts, so here goes the solution.


First method:
•    Using Pidgin
Pidgin is an easy to use and free chat client used by millions. Connect to AIM, MSN, Yahoo, and more chat networks all at once.
Pidgin has hell lots of options and supports many IM clients. You should try that. Continue reading “4 Ways to Run Two or More Gtalk Simultaneously”

Missing Features in Gtalk

We all like chatting, don’t we and there are many clients available for use. We have whole lot of options to choose from like Yahoo Messenger, Gtalk, and Skype to name a few. Our choice of the messenger depends on our liking of the chat tool.

Every chat tool has its own advantage and disadvantage. While usually there are more advantages than their disadvantages, there are several areas in which our favorite Gtalk, also known as Gchat, is lagging behind the others. Continue reading “Missing Features in Gtalk”