Hide any Program or Window instantly with a Mouse Click using HiddeX

Let’s admit the fact that we all switch to Facebook or any other stuff while at work and in office and tend to minimize it instantly whenever there is a chance of someone peeking us. I always have my Chrome browser opened in my work computer so that whenever I have some time, I look for some stuffs online and for some shopping but as soon as someone approach my desk, I minimize it quickly.

If this is something that you also do, then here is a tool that will actually help you. The tool is called as HiddeX and will help you hide any program or a window instantly with the use of just a mouse click or keyboard shortcuts. The biggest advantage of using this tool is that it doesn’t minimize the program (posing a risk of being caught) rather it hides it from the taskbar completely so that no one can actually know. Continue reading “Hide any Program or Window instantly with a Mouse Click using HiddeX”

Hide Application Windows and protect from Unwanted Attention

While working on the computer we tend to open lot many windows and applications, don’t we? Some applications are general while others might contain some confidential data. Thus it becomes very important for us to protect our data and hide if someone is nearby.

To hide the data what we generally do is minimize the window and/or shut down the monitor but this does not prevent the unwanted attention. Moreover this is little tedious, wouldn’t it be great if there is something that can instantly hide the application windows but keep it running in the background? I am sure this is what you were looking for. Continue reading “Hide Application Windows and protect from Unwanted Attention”

Hide any Window Instantly using a Hotkey with UltraHide

It often happens with all of us that while using our desktops we need to hide some windows opened from the other users or some confidential data from others. Say you are chatting with your friends instead of working on a project assigned to you, then you need to quickly hide the chat window (to hide from your parents and others), isn’t it?

Though there are many windows hiding tool that you can make use of but UltraHide surely needs to be discussed here. This is a very useful application that allows you to hide any window with a hotkey and also lets you password protect that hidden window so that anyone who wish to spy on you, needs to enter the set password to unlock it. Continue reading “Hide any Window Instantly using a Hotkey with UltraHide”

Hide any Application Window from displaying

There are occasions when we want a program to run in the background without gaining any attention of the other users but keeping it protected from everyone is difficult. Say you are downloading something from the internet but don’t want to keep it visible to everyone, then also you can hide it from displaying.

The tool is called Hide-It, and as the name suggests, it hides the program window from showing up and also hides it from the taskbar so the icon that showed has now disappeared along with the application. Continue reading “Hide any Application Window from displaying”

Hide several Applications instantly with NCS WinVisible

There are situations when we are working on some confidential doc that we don’t want anyone to see it. Whether it is some confidential work or anything that you don’t want that others should see, you can hide the applications with the help of a tool called NCS WinVisible.

NCS WinVisible is a utility that hides applications from your taskbar. Improve your privacy by selecting applications you wish to hide to a hotkey. When you press the hotkey, the application will become invisible. You can assign a separate hotkey to bring the window back. Continue reading “Hide several Applications instantly with NCS WinVisible”

Make all windows but the active one transparent with TransOther

You can add some styles while working on the Windows using a free and small tool called TransOther.

What this tool does is it makes all the background windows (currently opened windows) transparent while the presently used window will appear very much solid and usual. This is very much clear with the pic above. Continue reading “Make all windows but the active one transparent with TransOther”