How to Switch Desktop Wallpapers in Windows 7 and 8 using a Hotkey

If you are using windows 7 or Windows 8, you must have observed that there are theme packs in both the operating systems. These theme packs consists of many different images. The other feature of these packs is that it automatically switches between the images of the pack after a particular time interval. Some (laptop) users might have observed this feature only when their machines are on charging mode (to keep the battery).

But as I said ‘after particular time interval’, it means you have to wait to get your favorite image as your desktop background. For example, if your favorite image is present at the fourth position of the pack and the time interval is set to 10 seconds, then you have to wait for 30 seconds to get your favorite image. Continue reading “How to Switch Desktop Wallpapers in Windows 7 and 8 using a Hotkey”

Volume2: Advanced Audio Mixer for Windows

If you like listening to the music a lot or like configuring the audio for Bass and Treble according to you then here is a tool that you would surely like to know. By default, Windows provide us with only the simple volume mixer that does not help us in controlling the volume controls.

With the help of this tool called Volume2, you can completely control the volume and the sound output from your system. Volume2 is an advanced Windows audio mixer, a complete replacement for the standard Volume Control. Continue reading “Volume2: Advanced Audio Mixer for Windows”

Hide several Applications instantly with NCS WinVisible

There are situations when we are working on some confidential doc that we don’t want anyone to see it. Whether it is some confidential work or anything that you don’t want that others should see, you can hide the applications with the help of a tool called NCS WinVisible.

NCS WinVisible is a utility that hides applications from your taskbar. Improve your privacy by selecting applications you wish to hide to a hotkey. When you press the hotkey, the application will become invisible. You can assign a separate hotkey to bring the window back. Continue reading “Hide several Applications instantly with NCS WinVisible”

Free CD Drive Eject/Insert Utility for Windows

Most of the new systems especially the laptops come with the dedicated button for ejecting or inserting the CD tray but in case you don’t have one, you can still make use the feature. One of our readers also wanted to have the CD drive eject utility as mentioned below.

We have written about the tool once which can be used somewhat for this purpose, but here is a free and simple tool that will enable you to both eject and insert the tray with just one click.

Emsa CD Tray Pal is a handy utility that acts as a CD-ROM Drive control menu. It runs in the system tray and makes opening/closing CD door easier than ever, even on multiple CD-ROM drives. Continue reading “Free CD Drive Eject/Insert Utility for Windows”