Download Online Videos without using any tool

While surfing Facebook, Youtube and other such websites we all like some videos that we come across but unfortunately we cannot download them. Though Youtube downloader or other tools are present to download videos from Youtube, but what about Facebook, yahoo and other websites? We can’t have such tool for each website.

But now it is possible (don’t be surprised we are not going to provide you links for such downloader for each website). We are going to tell you a trick to download such videos. There are some drawbacks associated which we will overcome for you:

• If you already watched the whole video and then you decide to download it to your computer it will take double time because you already have spent time watching it and now have to spend time downloading it to your hard drive. Continue reading “Download Online Videos without using any tool”

Steps to Remove FreeCause Toolbar

Toolbars are sometimes great and helpful as they can help us in accessing certain things that we often access easily and in few steps. Say for instance, a PR checking toolbar helps you in quickly checking the Page Rank of any webpage without the need to check manually.

Similarly, FreeCause toolbar is a toolbar using which you can search several search engines at the same time with the same search term typed once in the toolbar. This toolbar comes as an add-on in the web browsers like IE and Firefox. Continue reading “Steps to Remove FreeCause Toolbar”

Chrome Overtaking Firefox for no. 2 spot?

In the tough competition of the web browsers, there are lot of these fighting for the top places. Be it Microsoft’s IE, Mozilla’s Firefox, Google’s Chrome, Apple’s Safari or Opera, each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

While IE is used the most worldwide and is at the top spot, Firefox (as of now) holds the next position but the rate at which Chrome is gaining popularity, seems like it is going to take over the Firefox for its second position. Continue reading “Chrome Overtaking Firefox for no. 2 spot?”

Disable/Enable ActiveX components on Internet Explorer

When using IE you must have experienced this feature called the ActiveX Control, sometime or the other. ActiveX usually turns up to allow certain applet to run on a website. While ActiveX only comes up in IE, other browsers don’t require it.

With the help of this free utility called ActiveX Compatibility Manager, you can enable or disable the ActiveX components on the Internet Explorer browser. It disables the desired ActiveX component by setting the “kill bit” of the desired CLSID under the following Registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\ActiveX Compatibility. Continue reading “Disable/Enable ActiveX components on Internet Explorer”

Grab all the URL links in a webpage with URLStringGrabber

While working on the internet it may happen that you come across some very important links on a webpage and want to save most of them with you. If this is the case then you don’t need to copy each and every link manually but with the help of a tool developed by Nirsoft called URLStringGrabber, you can do this easily.

URLStringGrabber is a small and free utility developed by Nirsoft which can help you in storing all the URL links present in all the opened windows of IE. The tool scans all opened windows of Internet Explorer and grabs the URLs stored in them, including clickable links, images, script files, CSS files, RSS feeds, and flash (.swf) files. Continue reading “Grab all the URL links in a webpage with URLStringGrabber”

Steps to Disable Content Advisor in IE

One of our readers wanted to know how to disable the Content Advisor in his Internet Explorer but before we do that let’s find out what is Content Advisor and what it does.

Content Advisor

The Content Advisor is a feature provided in the IE that blocks websites based on the content posted on them. If the user had chosen to enable the Content Advisor for IE, it blocks the inappropriate websites based on the content like explicit material or any other sensitive material. Continue reading “Steps to Disable Content Advisor in IE”

Microsoft Announces IE 10

Have you updated your system’s browser IE to the latest version yet? The latest version of the browser these days is IE 9 but not much after the release of IE 9, Microsoft had announced the development of the next version IE 10.

The first demonstration of the new browser, which adds support for CSS Gradients, CSS3 Flexible Box Layout and more, was seen at the company’s MIX conference, running in Continue reading “Microsoft Announces IE 10”

IE 9 release date on February 10

For all those who like using the Microsoft’s browser Internet Explorer, here is some good news. Microsoft is planning to release the browser next week on February, the 10th in San Francisco.

With the launch of IE9, Microsoft hopes to improve upon the per cent usage of the browser which had decreased significantly over the years and with the introduction of the new and improved featured browsers in the internet market. Continue reading “IE 9 release date on February 10”

[Solved] Error loading newdev.dll Problem when installing ADSL Modem

One of our readers was facing this problem that whenever he tried to install the modem driver there popped an error message saying that “Error Loading newdev.dll”. The error has been confirmed to occur either installing or uninstalling the or even while configuring the software.

If you are also facing the same issue then here is the solution to solve this problem. Continue reading “[Solved] Error loading newdev.dll Problem when installing ADSL Modem”

IE 9 Browser Leaks to Web

Although the official Beta version of the browser IE 9 can be found at beautoftheweb but the news is that the a new build of IE 9 has leaked to the web with few tweaks and improvements. The build that is circulating these days is the 9.0.8027.6000.

The main improvement in this build is the feature of showing transfer speed in the download manager without having to overlay your mouse on the Continue reading “IE 9 Browser Leaks to Web”

Internet Explorer 9 Beta Available for Download

For all the fans of the Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, the good news is that Microsoft has made available the Beta version of the new IE browser version 9.

Among the many other browsers IE still holds its place and it is due to the improved features that the users of IE still like using it. Last month we have also mentioned about it in a preview post which you can read here. Continue reading “Internet Explorer 9 Beta Available for Download”

Solve debug.log Appears on Desktop Automatically

The problem was faced by one of our readers that whenever he tries to open Orkut, an unknown file named Debug.log appears on desktop automatically. This problem has also been seen when trying to open iGoogle.

When you open the debug.log in a notepad you will find that it is empty and does not contain anything.

Cause of the problem:

The problem is not much common and has been seen to come mostly when using the IE browser. The problem usually occurs after you are asked to install Continue reading “Solve debug.log Appears on Desktop Automatically”