Create Icons from Images using Quick Any2Ico

There are times when you need to create some icons for your own use. Whether you are a developer or some webmaster you might have come across some situations when you need to put some icons in some of the apps that you have developed. Creating icon files are not difficult and if you happen to know some image editing tool like Adobe Photoshop then it becomes very easy but if you don’t know any of the image editing tools then you might face some problem.

Well there is one more way to create an icon file; if you can’t create an icon you can convert it. Yes, you can convert an image file into an icon file so that you can use it for your own purpose. There are many image to icon converters available but here is one that can not only convert an image file into an icon but can also extract icons from executable files like exe, dll and ocx files. Continue reading “Create Icons from Images using Quick Any2Ico”

Block Images from being Displayed in Firefox

Does this happen to you that sometimes you find the images in Webpages are not worth viewing or since your internet connection is not that fast, your web page too long to load because of the images? Blocking those images and other elements like flash content on those WebPages is the best option one can have in these cases.

You must be thinking that how is it possible as you are neither the owners nor the editors of that website, then how can you do so? Yes, somehow it is possible in Firefox without using any add-on for this purpose. Firefox has a feature that can block those annoying images and can make those WebPages load faster. Continue reading “Block Images from being Displayed in Firefox”

Convert simple Images into Text Art on Android

Creativity helps to know the perception of people while software and different applications help you to enhance your creativity. For example, we use different software for making our images more meaningful. But have you ever thought of converting your photos into text art. So let us continue this article with taking this example as our base.

Though there are many applications in Google Play Store which allows you to edit your images but typographic art converters are still very less. WordCam is a new application that has been added to the play store and is one of the best additions for android users till date. The application allows you to convert your images into a work of typographic art using different font sizes and styles. Continue reading “Convert simple Images into Text Art on Android”

How to use images present in a PDF document

We often use internet/web to solve our problems. Most of the data on the internet is present in the Portable Document Format (PDF) as it is the most preferred medium for exchanging information on the web. The information in PDFs sometime solves our problems but sometimes it even makes your problems more hectic.

Though many of us usually take a screen shot and paste it from the clipboard to the editor as most of us are having free versions of Acrobat Readers. This is a manual way to extract images from the PDFs. You can even use the Photoshop to extract images from the PDFs as it provides you the option of opening a PDF document into it. Continue reading “How to use images present in a PDF document”

Free Giveaway: Watermark your Images with PearlMountain Photo Watermark (20 keys to be won)

Being a photographer I can understand how much important copyrighting our images is, and this is the reason why we encourage the photos and images clicked by us or owned by us to have a watermark. Thus having watermarking software installed is important to us.

However not most of the tools that can add some cool and different watermarks are free. Here is a tool called PearlMountain Photo Watermark, that can add image watermark, text watermark, logo to digital photos in batch mode so that you don’t need to worry about your photos copyright from being used in an unauthorized way.  Continue reading “Free Giveaway: Watermark your Images with PearlMountain Photo Watermark (20 keys to be won)”

Print your Single Photo into Multiple Pages

Printing your single pic into multiple pages is sometimes good and especially when you want to beautify your house or put up some image of your child on the wall, then rather than putting up one small image, you can put one big image formed using small images.

While printing one image into many pages is possible, it is not that easy as it is with this utility called Print It. Print It is an image printing utility that can print your images into multiple pages in very simple steps. Moreover you get to see the grid lines which will show how your image will be divided into parts on the pages. Continue reading “Print your Single Photo into Multiple Pages”

Free MDF to ISO Image Converter

If you are dealing mostly with the image files and the image burning tools then you must have come across this image format called MDF. This MDF format is not as generally used as ISO but is used by some tools for image burning.

The MDF (Mirror Disc File) is disk/DVD/CD image format produced by some burning software (such as Alcohol 120%) and in case you have this image file with you but are looking for some easy tool that can convert the MDF format into ISO for you easily, then MDF to ISO converter is the one that you are looking for. Continue reading “Free MDF to ISO Image Converter”

Turn any Image into Jigsaw Puzzle with Firefox

Remember the old time when we used to play the jigsaw puzzle? Well you can still play this favourite game of yours on your system and that too with any of your favourite image used for puzzle.

Yes, you can convert any image, whether stored locally on your system or you came across online, into a puzzle simply by having an add-on installed for your Firefox browser. The add-on is called as Puzzle, and what it does is, it adds an entry in the context menu using which you can convert any image into a puzzle pieces and use it for playing. Continue reading “Turn any Image into Jigsaw Puzzle with Firefox”

Enable RAW Camera support in Window Live Photo Gallery

For all those who are interested in Photography (like I am), here is something that would interests you. Well if you own a DSLR camera then you must have used the RAW image format in the camera to shoot images.

RAW image format is an uncompressed image format shot in the camera. The format is different from other formats like jpg, png as this format does not have any compression in colors or quality. Thus RAW is the finest image produced by the camera sensor which is best for post processing of the pics.

But Windows had lacked displaying the RAW images in its Photo Live gallery and other photo viewers. This was one of the major problems for the photographers as we had to use some third party tool to view and use the images. But Microsoft had recently released the image pack that fixes this problem and provides the support to view and use the RAW image format in Windows. Continue reading “Enable RAW Camera support in Window Live Photo Gallery”

Recover Corrupt or Deleted Images from the Memory Card

It is a common situation which one might have experienced some time or the other that the images present in the memory card of their digital camera gets corrupt, or deleted. This is a very irritating situation as the images present in the card might be of significant importance.

Then how would you recover the images? Well you can use any data recovery tool to recover a file present which has not been overwritten by some other data but what if the image has been corrupted? In this situation too, you can try out this tool called ZAR data recovery software. Continue reading “Recover Corrupt or Deleted Images from the Memory Card”

Download all Images of a Webpage in Firefox using Image Picker

If you like downloading images from a web page then you must know how much irritating it is to download all the images of a webpage one by one. To download images what you do is right click on it and select the option of “Save Image as…” but it would become a tedious job if you want to save all the images of the web page.

Well if you are a Firefox browser user then you can bypass this hurdle and quickly save all the images of the webpage with a single click with the help of this firefox add-on called Image Picker. This extension will let you save either single images or multiple images at once. Continue reading “Download all Images of a Webpage in Firefox using Image Picker”