Disable Allow this Webpage to Access your Clipboard Message in IE

To work on internet I mostly prefer a better browser than IE like Chrome or Firefox but it was yesterday when I was required to work from office I came across this message in IE (yeah my office computer has IE 🙁 ). This is a known pop-up but I wasn’t even aware of this as I never worked on IE until yesterday when I figured out the reason behind.

Actually, cache memory is a secure place where our all the copied data resides temporarily which can be used by us in future or by an app which wish to access the location. Thus starting IE 7, Microsoft had provided restricted access to the cache memory location so that the data copied by us to the clipboard can’t be used without our consent. Continue reading “Disable Allow this Webpage to Access your Clipboard Message in IE”

Display IE-only Webpages within Chrome itself

We all know that Internet Explorer (IE) is the basic browser that is pre installed on our systems whereas Google Chrome is a third partly browser that works really very fast as compared to the IE. It has various extensions that help you a lot while surfing. When you have read the title, you must have given it a thought that is it really possible to merge both of these browsers.

Yes it is possible. In actual it is not merging the browsers; it is like using IE in Google Chrome tab using an extension. The extension is called “IE Tab”. Using this extension you can easily launch IE-only websites in the chrome itself. You can easily view web pages in IE 7, IE 8, or IE 9 mode. You can also run ActiveX Controls, an IE-only technology in chrome itself. Continue reading “Display IE-only Webpages within Chrome itself”

Steps to Disable Content Advisor in IE

One of our readers wanted to know how to disable the Content Advisor in his Internet Explorer but before we do that let’s find out what is Content Advisor and what it does.

Content Advisor

The Content Advisor is a feature provided in the IE that blocks websites based on the content posted on them. If the user had chosen to enable the Content Advisor for IE, it blocks the inappropriate websites based on the content like explicit material or any other sensitive material. Continue reading “Steps to Disable Content Advisor in IE”

Microsoft Announces IE 10

Have you updated your system’s browser IE to the latest version yet? The latest version of the browser these days is IE 9 but not much after the release of IE 9, Microsoft had announced the development of the next version IE 10.

The first demonstration of the new browser, which adds support for CSS Gradients, CSS3 Flexible Box Layout and more, was seen at the company’s MIX conference, running in Continue reading “Microsoft Announces IE 10”

IE 9 release date on February 10

For all those who like using the Microsoft’s browser Internet Explorer, here is some good news. Microsoft is planning to release the browser next week on February, the 10th in San Francisco.

With the launch of IE9, Microsoft hopes to improve upon the per cent usage of the browser which had decreased significantly over the years and with the introduction of the new and improved featured browsers in the internet market. Continue reading “IE 9 release date on February 10”

IE 9 Browser Leaks to Web

Although the official Beta version of the browser IE 9 can be found at beautoftheweb but the news is that the a new build of IE 9 has leaked to the web with few tweaks and improvements. The build that is circulating these days is the 9.0.8027.6000.

The main improvement in this build is the feature of showing transfer speed in the download manager without having to overlay your mouse on the Continue reading “IE 9 Browser Leaks to Web”

Run Internet Explorer on a Tab within Chrome

While surfing net, sometime or the other we must have experienced some web pages that require to be opened in the IE only. This may be irritating users who like other browsers like Chrome more than IE.

The solution to this problem is a Google Chrome extension called IE Tab Classic (thanks to Lifehacker) which loads up the Internet Explorer within a tab in the Google Chrome such that you can experience all the features Continue reading “Run Internet Explorer on a Tab within Chrome”

[Solved] IE Automatically Opens Porn Site

The problem was reported by one of our readers that the Internet Explorer he worked upon automatically opens a porn site like fucketa.com. This is very embarrassing for him and also unsafe for the crucial data he has.

The problem is not only this as the browser opens up every 30 seconds. This is clearly a case of malware infection and the problem has been solved as follows. Continue reading “[Solved] IE Automatically Opens Porn Site”

Registry Trick to set IE Home Page

For most of the people working in some company, the Internet Explorer is by default set to some company intranet homepage which gets opened whenever the browser is launched.

The system administrators have by default set up the home page in IE 6 or IE 7 to either the company’s site or the local intranet page. This can be easily changed through the Internet Options setting but if this setting is turned off then you could make use of the following reg file. Continue reading “Registry Trick to set IE Home Page”

Solution to “This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer”

The problem was faced by one of our readers who faced the following error message whenever he clicked on a drive to open it and see the contents.

“This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator”.

Cause of the problem:

The problem is confirmed to be caused due to change in the default web browser or the Internet Explorer.

Steps to fix the problem:

You can try following solutions and see which one fix it for you. Continue reading “Solution to “This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer””

Add Google Search to Right Click Context Menu in IE

This happens most of the time that while surfing the net we come across certain terms that we wish to search it on the Google but wouldn’t it be great if you just highlight the text and right click on it to search it with just one click?

Here is how to add Google Search option to the context menu in Internet Explorer.

1.    For IE7 and above

Install a plug-in called Google Search Provider and set it as default search provider. This will Continue reading “Add Google Search to Right Click Context Menu in IE”

Change Ctrl + Enter Function to something else in IE

Internet Explorer along with other browsers have one thing in common for sure that if we only give the URL of the site and press Ctrl + Enter, http://www and .com will be added before and after the text in the address bar respectively.

This is a great feature since it prevents us from typing the www and .com in the site URLs. But if you wish to change it for your purposes, then it is very easy as well. Continue reading “Change Ctrl + Enter Function to something else in IE”